Thursday, March 27, 2008

AMP Energy

Alright! My second review for the day and part two of my Double-Header. I am glad we finally get the Amp energy drink reviewed here on Canned Reviews. This drink is easily known because of its makers: Mountain Dew. I like Amp's new cover idea, it has shades of mixed green with a glossy touch to it. In front of it, you see the Amp logo, a disfigured 'A', as well as its name in all lowercase letters. On the back of the can, you see Dale Earndhardt Jr.'s picture as well as his car and signature. Amp is his new sponsor in NASCAR racing now. I have tried Amp many times, but this is the official review. So, I'm fueled up and ready to go and review.

As soon as I pop the lid open, I smell a tangy, lime-like aroma. This scent makes me want to drink it over and over again. The drink comes out the can a clear, bright green color with a lot of fizzing. This drink is refreshing as it enters your mouth and goes down your throat. However, there is a lot of gumminess that builds up in the back of your mouth after a few minutes. Although, it has a green tint to it, this drink tastes like a fresh squeezed orange poured into the can with a little bit of sweetener and some carbonation. The main reason why I purchase this drink is because of its refreshing lime and orange flavor as well as its major kick and all natural tasting ingredients. This is one drink, folks, that you do not chug or you will pay the price. As of right now, I am slowing down the process of drinking this because of its major gumminess. As we all should know by now, this drink does contain HFCS. Overall, if you are looking for a sweet way to boost you day, head over to this drink and enjoy; it is worth every penny.

Ingredients talk: Let's I go down the list I see...oh no, HFCS. Anyone who drank this can predict that this drink contains HFCS, a sweetener made from corn. Next I see orange juice from concentrate; yeah it has a pretty stable amount of OJ in it. Alright, cool, I see guarana seed extract as well as natural flavor. Surprisingly, taurine comes in at number 13, lower than most energy drinks. Per can, you only get 20mg of taurine, but 142mg of caffeine, that's a lot. However, I notice that this drink contains 220 calories per can, that's a little much for an energy drink, if you ask me. Lastly, I would like to say that once again, I am very pleased with this drink and would highly consider purchasing it, If you had to choose between say Amp, Monster, and Rockstar, you would be better off with an Amp in your hand and eventually in your mouth.

Taste: 8.5 - Ahhh, nearly perfect
Kick: 9 - Very pleasing, not jitteriness and much focus
Overall: 8.7 - Not much else to say but I love this drink.

Reviewed by: Chan

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Anonymous said...

amp is NOT better than monster. no way


Jeffery "Jeff," Chandler "Chan"