Sunday, May 4, 2008

Drinks Needed

Hey, this is Jeff and Chan asking you...

If you see or have heard of an energy drink out there that we haven't tried but would like us to review, feel free to notify us by leaving a comment or by emailing us at

Here is the list of drinks we are still looking for and would like to try. Of course there are more energy drinks out there that aren't on our list, but these are just ones that came to our mind and that we are interested in reviewing. We'll be updating this list quite often.

Also, make sure to check our Twitter page, for updates on new drinks, at and befriend us on our Myspace:

180 Blue Acai
180 Red Goji
180 Sugar Free Orange Citrus
All In Root Beer
Any new Monster flavor

Bawls Cherry
Blox Black Cherry
Blox Original
Bomba Berry
Bomba Black Current
BooKoo Burner Dangerine
BooKoo Burner Main Lime
BooKoo Burner Pummelgranate
Cocaine Free
Cocaine Mild
Daredevil Lighter Fluid
Diesel Low Carb
Freek Thrill Her
Freek Maniac
Freek Scream
Freek Skitzo
Hansens Deuce
Hansens Energy Pro
Hydrive V
Hydrive X
Hydrive S
Hydrive E
Inked Maori
Jack Herer 420 Hemp Infusion Orange
Jolt Cherry Bomb
Jolt Orange Blast
Jolt Wild Grape
Kronik Grind
Mad Croc
Mad Croc Sugar Free
NOS Fruit Punch
NOS Sugar Free
NOS Power Shot
Red Jak Low Carb
Rip It Lime Wrecker
Semtex Forte
Semtex Light
Slap Black Energy + Coffee
Sobe No Fear Sugar-Free
SourceBurn Sugar Free


oby1kanooby said...

I would like your opinion of the "Cocaine" energy drink. I heard rumor that it was being pulled off shelves, but haven't confirmed it. It really gives you a burn in your throat, such as that of a cocaine drip.

Canned Reviewer said...

As a matter of fact, Cocaine isn't being pulled off the shelves, but once was. I'll try and find it as soon as I can though and if you know anyone that can get me a can to review, that would be great.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprise you have not included 2 drinks: Yumberry and Opta Energy from SunOpta sold at Whole Foods. All Organic. Give it a try!

Canned Reviewer said...

Well, the drinks on this list are drinks we've already heard of but haven't tasted. If you know of a drink we haven't reviewed that isn't on the list, chances are we haven't heard of it. But hey, thanks, man, and we'll add those to our list. It's always cool to hear about new drinks.


Big Bird said...

Do you really need all of those drinks? I can get Bawls, BooKoo, Cocaine, Freek, Jolt, NOS and SoBe where I am and they're all pretty common too.

You should also include Kickin' Energy Shot on the list; it's a lesser-known shot but it has a huge reuptation on the East Coast with the serious energy drink drinkers.

Big Bird said...

Oh also I forgot a major one: Spike Shooter. It's huge out on the west coast and I can get that pretty commonly too.

But you really just have to know your market for energy drinks like which place sells what and for how much and you'll be really suprised by all of the rare drinks you can find besides possibly the ones on this list. Whenever I get a chance to go into a new gas station or anywhere I see what they've got and how much they're selling them for.

Anonymous said...

you need to review rockstar punched citrus

Mike said...

review Vital Energy

Jayson said...

Hey if there is a way to send you guys a drink Rip It Lime Wrecker is pretty common where I am at.

Also when I head up to Michigan next I can pick up the bottled Rip Its.

AJ said...

A friend of mine was talking to me about a natural energy drink from a company called Unicity based out of Utah. Their product is called Bios Life E. Can you look into it and see how it stacks up to the rest?


Jeffery "Jeff," Chandler "Chan"