Friday, March 28, 2008

Red Bull: Sugar Free

I got a Sugar Free Red Bull today, and I can not wait to try it, but first I have to go through all this explaining and whatnot. I looked at the can and saw it was very similar to a regular Red Bull can, except the darker blue on the regular is replaced by a lighter, sky color on the tab and the sections of the rectangle on front. It says it big red letters, "Red Bull", and underneath, "Sugar Free", which is to be expected considering the drink is, after all, sugar free. It features the yellow circle and and bulls butting heads. The can design is nice and pretty much the exact same as the regular, except for the color. The can isn't very eye catching however. And unless you've been living under a rock for a while with connection whatsoever to the outside world, you'll know that the Red bull is the leader in the energy drink market, and I like the slogan, "Red Bull gives you wings!" Now I shall begin my dramatic can opening ritual.

I experience a green apple smell similar to a normal Red Bull, also with a slight hint of a blue raspberry scent. I noticed there was no real sweetened just more of a bitter smell. It poured out as a beer color. There was a lot of fizz as it landed in the glass. Like in the smell, no sweetness present as it hits your mouth. There is gumminess even though there is absolutely no sugar present and I'm really not sure why. This tastes like if you take out the blue raspberry taste in the original Red Bull and just leave the apple. Taken in large sips it's almost unbearable, with the strong carbonation and incredible bitterness. In small sips it's okay, but I attempted a chug just out of interest and I was overpowered by fizz and bitterness. Drink Responsibly. By that I mean: Don't chug it, or you'll definitely regret it.

I thought the ingredients were impressive. I saw taurine at number 3 and caffeine at number 5, which is higher than in the regular Red Bull. There's a lot of vitamin B and niacin, and although the amounts weren't listed, I'm assuming a lot considering the very high price. There's a little bit of protein which is very common in energy drinks. Unless you didn't see the title or the many times I said it, there's no sugars. There's glucuronolactone, which is used to speed up metabolism.

Just as a reminder, there's a high price tag on all Red Bulls, costing about twice as much as other energy drinks.

Overall, Red Bull is satisfying and I can easily see why it's at the head of the market.

Taste: 7.5 - Very bitter, but much better in small sips
Kick: 8 - I felt a strong kick and I'm focused
Overall: 7 - A very good drink, but the price tag brought it down

Reviewed by: Chris

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