Sunday, June 1, 2008

Xyience Xenergy Big Apple

I've been scoring lately on the amount of good energy drink findings. I was lucky to stop into a gas station called Terrible's to find a galore of unknown energy drinks. Unfortunately, I only got one, which is the Xyience Xenergy Big Apple, a sugar free and calorie free drink. I've heard of the energy drink company Xyience before because I heard they are one of the best sugar free energy drinks on the market, so I feel pretty thrilled to review it. Xyience released its new can design which consists of two circles of green shades with two chinese symbols. Really have no clue what they mean, but whatever. Oh, and did I mention Xyience is the official energy drink of the UFC? Well, it is. Anyway, I'm interested in Xyience's logo, an odd bar code. Perhaps it's some sort of code that when you translate it into English, it spells out 'Xyience.' Okay, well I'm gonna start this one off by opening up the can...

I open the can to get a Jolly Rancher-like green apple aroma, with some sourness. Out of can, Xenergy Big Apple reveals an almost clear color, with a slight green tint and little fizziness to go along with it. The first thing I notice about this drinks taste is how mild and artificial it is. I wasn't expecting a mild green apple taste, with a hint of Chinese spices that burns the tongue slightly. It fades away with some quite noticeable sucralose and a lot of carbonation. I believe this drink would be a lot better and more pleasant if it weren't so artificial tasting because I know Xyience packs a pretty nice flavor on the palette aside from the sucralose. It has no aftertaste, besides a bit of mild burning on the tongue, but your throat gets pretty backed up due to the amount of gumminess found in the Big Apple. Sadly, for a sugar free energy drink, I found almost as much gumminess as an Amp, and we all know how bad an Amp's gumminess is. I also mentioned earlier that I noticed quite a bit of carbonation, but nothing compared to the taste and gumminess. Overall, I was a bit disappointed in Xyience, I thought I was in for a real treat when I found it.

As for ingredients, I see filtered carbonated water and then citric acid. Usually, a type of sugar comes after carbonated water, but this is an exception because it's 'sugar free'. Following that, taurine is seen coming at number three and then natural flavors. Xyience's other ingredients read as following: caffeine, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, D-calcium, pantothenate, guarana, ginseng, spinach (Woah!) extract, sucralose (There's your problem), L-carnitine, inositol, niacinamide and acesulfame potassium. Sucralose is perfectly fine in an energy drink, but sugar free energy drink makers have to be real careful on how much they put in because that is their only sweetener in a drink and too much can lead to a terrible drink. This one, didn't seem to be made with much care, in terms of being sweetened, otherwise, I really would have enjoyed its mild green apple flavor. Per can, you don't get any calories or sugar. I know, it is pretty uncommon to see no calories in an energy drink, but Xyience went there and did it. I don't think this one is worth buying, but it definitely isn't terrible.

Taste: 7 - I'll give it to Xyience just this time because green apple is a rarity
Kick: 8 - My eyes are pretty wide right now
Overall: 7.5 - An average drink, nothing special

Reviewed by: Chan

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