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̈̈Übershot Energy Shot

When it comes to most energy products, you have your energy drinks, and then you have your energy shots: small, potent packages of high-power energy ingredients. Shots are all about the kick and the convenience. How much easier can it get than slamming down a few ounces of potion to get that extra boost? Usually, shots are sugar-free, advertising themselves as much healthier pick-me-ups than sugary drinks. While this may be true, most shots neglect one thing: the taste. Packing so many vitamins and energy supplements in a tiny 1 or 2 oz bottle isn't going to produce the best-tasting concoction. For this reason, shots will often have a bitter, sour, or terribly sweet, artificial flavor. Here, I hope, is an exception. Übershot comes from the United Kingdom, and has a very sleek ruby red color with a bold "Ü" on the cover and the tagline "Energy for life with no lows." From Übershot's beautiful, minimalistic website, I see that it promises no lows and lots of long-lasting energy and concentration. Its many ingredients, which I'll delve into later, already tell me this boost is going to be substantial. As for the flavor, I feel confident Übershot has something tasty in store, despite the energy shot blunders I've tasted before.

I shake the 58ml metal bottle for good measure and unscrew the top. A somewhat light and sharp grapefruit-like aroma jumps at me that smells pretty refreshing. The liquid inside looks almost clear with a rosy, peachy tint. My first sip lets me know immediately this is artificially sweetened, but thankfully, it doesn't taste "fake." The strong sweetness, which is expected of a shot, does very well to support a sharp, full-bodied flavor that has me flip-flopping between grapefruit and berry. Later on, the grapefruit fades away, and I decide the flavor is a well-rounded, natural-tasting mixed berry. I only get an artificial aftertaste when I sip it slowly; when taken quickly, Übershot has a perfectly delightful flavor and no aftertaste whatsoever. After both sipping and slamming, Übershot leaves my pallete satisfied.

I tested Übershot's energy-giving ability on two occasions: once after sipping and once after slamming it down. After taking it slowly, I found Übershot increased my alertness and gave me a very smooth, rounded boost, with plenty of endurance to sustain me throughout my jog. The second time trying it, Übershot was relentless. In less than five minutes, my eyes were wide, my alertness was doubled and I found myself blazing through my daily routine. Übershot offers consistent, smooth, non-jittery energy, perfect for a mid-day pick-me up or a morning jump start. The only time I don't recommend it is before vigorous exercise, because you'll lose the vitality and long-lasting energy. Without a doubt, this is Übershot's strongpoint.

Übershot's supplement facts is pretty different than what I'm used to seeing, since it's a British drink. I'll begin with the energy blend, which consists of:

Taurine - 1050mg
Glucuronolactone - 630mg
Caffeine - 210mg
N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine - 210mg
Malic Acid - 160mg
L-Carnitine - 50mg

Looking at that, I see the reason why this drink provides such a concentrated, vital kick. N-Acetyle-L-Tyrosine and L-Carnitine are both amino acids, powerful agents that provide concentration and vitality. The next thing that catches my eye is Caffeine, at a whopping 210mg. To be honest, that's a pretty big jolt of Caffeine, but Übershot is right when they say it's the about the same amount in a cup of coffee; a Starbucks coffee probably contains just as much, if not more. Taurine is present in a modest amount--1050mg. I never knew this before, but apparently, Taurine is helpful in absorbing fats and fat-soluble vitamins. Now I understand why it's in so many energy drinks. This I learned on Übershot's website, along with lots of other handy info about the ingredients. I highly recommend you check it out:

The rest of the ingredients include water, natural flavors, and sucralose. Overall, I must say, Übershot is a high-quality shot that I wouldn't mind using as a pick me up. Its terrific, fresh flavor coupled with hours of vitality and solid energy make it a no-brainer. Too bad it's not available around here.

Taste: 8.5 - Delicious, fresh-tasting natural berry or citrus
Kick: 8.8 - When it comes to vitality, Übershot excels and even relieves stress and improves mental clarity
Overall: 8.7 - Übershot goes above and beyond your average shots

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