Friday, June 13, 2008

Bawls Guarana

Wow, I found the Bawls Guarana energy drink. I was surprised to see a galore of energy drinks at a local BevMo, including the Bawls. I've heard from relatives and friends that Bawls was a pretty awesome energy drink, in terms of taste and kick, so you can tell I'm pretty excited to check it out. Odd enough, Bawls looks like a miniature sized 20 ounce bottle of Sobe or some soda and has a dark, dark blue color, so I have no clue what color to expect from Bawls. In fact, Bawls is so small, its only a measly 10 ounce bottle, with a (Hopefully) twist of cap. It has a simple bottle design, the word Bawls in all capital letters and Guarana under it. I guess I'll expect a Coca Cola-like taste, with some citrus, possibly. Obviously, the bottle reveals nothing to me, in terms of even guessing what the color or taste is, so I'll have to wait just a few more minutes. On second thought... I think I'll just cut this paragraph short and get to the review.

I was expecting a lot of trouble opening it, but actually it took less time than a can does... Well, anyway, I opened it up to get a mild 7up aroma, but with a somewhat odd secondary scent. Bawls comes out an unexpected clear color, with the visible gas bubbles rising, just like 7up, or Sprite. I was very pleased to get a mild carbonated water taste, with some noticeable naturally sweetened orange-lime flavor. I forgot to mention that Bawls was created by a college graduate who wanted an alternative energy substance, rather than coffee. Man, it's so light on the palette, I could seriously drink it all day long, and have no problem with it, besides the fact that I might get a bit messed up from the caffeine. It has no aftertaste and fades away extremely fast, which leaves you wanting more and more. Bawls is pretty cool on carbonation, having just about under moderate and goes really fast. If you have a light energy drink, you can probably guess that it has pretty little gumminess, which is entirely true with Bawls. Overall, Bawls is going to be the new craze because I believe everyone will enjoy because its awesome light taste. I'll tell you, if you get Bawls Guarana, you need to get two because they do go fast.

Bawls has some pretty standard ingredients. Let's talk. It's got carbonated water, corn syrup (Less sugar), natural guarana extract, artificial citric acid, sodium benzoate, artificial flavors and caramel color and caffeine. It's got way fewer ingredients than your average Monster and Red Bull, having no vitamins, ginseng, sucrose and glucose, and taurine. Bawls is one energy drink that's way out there. One that maybe I would try again, but it's just not worth the kind of money you pay for it. It's just like what I thought, a bit dull, but pretty mild and somewhat addicting. Per bottle, you get only 120 calories, 32g of sugar (Not bad, but good be better due to its lack of flavor), and the caffeine amount... undisclosed. I tried researching the caffeine amount, like Jeff suggested, but found no results. I'll guess it's above average, probably around 100 or so. Overall, I'm not going to give Bawls a bad rationg only because an energy drink this light is a rarity and frankly, I enjoyed every ounce of it.

Taste: 7.7 - I had trouble deciding whether or not to give it this high of a rating...
Kick: 9.5 - This kick really ranks up there, I'll say
Overall: 8 - Okay, if it weren't for the kick, this drink is a skipper

Reviewed by: Chan

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The Caffeine Man said...

A 10 ounce bottle of BAWLS Guarana has 64 milligrams of caffeine and the 16 ounce can has 100 milligrams of caffeine. BAWLS EXXTRA has 150 milligrams of caffeine per 16 ounce can.



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