Monday, March 24, 2008

Monster Java Russian

I am very glad I get to finally try the Russian. I have been looking forward to trying this and reviewing it all week long. The first thing is noticed is its red background and the 'M' logo printed in a brownish coffee-like color. The whole can is decorated in what is recognizably Russian artwork such as flags and birds and castles. The words " Russian" are printed on the top as well as a leaf like wraparound. I am very intent to try this drink... are we ready?

My first approach at this drink was the smell. I noticed the regular smell of coffee, like all the other Java Monsters. I've noticed this with all the Javas. This drink comes out of the can very milky for some reason. This Java comes out darker than the other Javas, however, it looks smoother... creamier... more interesting. I cannot explain this, it hits me in the face with a hammer. I instantly noticed the creamy milky smoother taste going down. Then, I noticed the sweet coffee flavor with a buttery molasses flavor as well. Last, of course, is the aftertaste. Its a bitter alcohol taste with a hint of gumminess. Unfortunately, there is gumminess but not a lot. I can imagine a warm flavor along with it for some reason...

Alright, now the ingredients:
As I mentioned on my other Java Monster reviews, reduced fat milk is added for the experience of a smooth coffee, after all, they are coffees too. I forgot that this is a product of Monster because I am not used to Monster making these beverages. I am very happy to know that this drink is free of HFCS; instead you get sucrose and glucrose. Taurine comes in at a whopping number 7 on this ingredient list. Per can, you get 2000mg of taurine, a standard dosage for energy drinks like these. Per can, you also get the normal amount of energy blend, 5000mg. coming in at 200 calories, I am very pleased to have that low of calories due to the explosion of many flavors. Overall, this drink isn't too bad, but I would not recommend it to beginners to coffee.

Taste: 8
Kick: 9.5

Overall: 8.5

Reviewed by: Chan

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