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I knew exactly where to go if I wanted to get a Kronik to review: Circle K. I stepped into the store with confidence, purchased, walked out with a Kronik and a Kronik Low Carb, and chilled it for a few days. Although I said that I'll save the best for last, the best being Kronik, I'm going to review this one before all the others I have waiting in line. I think that everyone's heard of Kronik, and have heard of all the great things about it, that being the reason I've been admiring it for so long. It has a particularly new can design, a blue barbed wire and the word 'Kronik' in a sloppy blue font. Below that, 'Energy' is slapped on in a white spray painted font along with some abstract white spray paint dots. The top and the bottom of the can is lined metal barbed wire, probably meaning "Stay away, I pack a punch," we'll have to see... I'm a bit concerned at the disclaimer near the bottom "Caution: May Be Physchologically Addicting," which could just be their version of saying who it's not recommended for. Lastly, Kronik promises an 'Unrelenting Energy Supplement', let's find out now.

I open the can of Kronik to get an extremely potent grapefruit aroma, with some nice peach, mango, and citrus; I can't relate this scent to any energy drink I've tried. I expected a light color, like orange or yellow, but instead, Kronik threw in a mellow light blue color, with minimum fizziness. Well, I can't handle the suspense, bottom's up! Wow, I was hit with a light yet sweet blend of mainly peach and grapefruit, with a bit of original Monster mix thrown in, a great ensemble. It fades away from the tastes buds with a more noticeable Monster flavor and a bit of artificialness, most likely due to the high fructose corn syrup. The aftertaste doesn't change much from the primary flavor, just less powerful and peachier. Many people go insane for Kronik, but I have to disagree only because the HFCS gives it a duller flavor than I think it should really have. I knew it would be one of those drinks where if it were sweetened differently, it would make any Best Taste List, but for Canned Reviews, it just missed it. Kronik is also pretty heavily carbonated, so you may have to take it easy with the downing, although it's got a catchy flavor. I sense only a little bit of gumminess in this energy drink, which isn't bad. Overall, an insane tropical mix, but the HFCS really brought it down a notch or two.

Kronik excels in energy ingredients having 2000mg of taurine, 200mg of glucosamine, 100mg of guarana, 100mg of ginseng, 50mg of inositol, 50mg of milk thistle and 50mg of ginkgo biloba extract. As for other ingredients, this drink contains carbonated water, HFCS, taurine, citric acid, natural flavors, caffeine, niacin, and other basic ingredients. Per can, you get 260 calories, and 60g of sugar. With 60g of sugar I was surprised it wasn't as sweet as it should have been, and with 260 calories, same deal, not enough sweetness. The caffeine amount is undislcosed, like many other energy drink companies do, but I know it's a lot because right now I'm pretty hyped up. The ginkgo, guarana, and ginseng also play a massive part in giving you some awesome energy in Kronik, nearly worthy of the Best Kick List. I say this once again: if Kronik had put sucrose and glucose in their drink instead of HFCS, it would have had a much crisper and natural tropical flavor. All in all a great drink to try if you come across it, just know the flavor will be a bit duller than you may think it will be.

Taste: 8.7 - Kronik sure knows what flavors to put in each can that they sell
Kick: 9.3 - With all those nice ingredients, Kronik made the Best Kick List, rather than the Best Taste List
Overall: 9 - I really did enjoy this drink, and I'm sure you would too, despite the HFCS

Reviewed by: Chan

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