Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sobe Adrenaline Rush Sugar Free

Ahh, here again with yet another classic Sobe energy drink. I'm really glad that Sobe started making energy drinks because they make some quality juice-like regular drinks. Although Sobe can make a good energy drink, they have some adjustments to make as well. This one is the Sugar Free Adrenaline Rush, and I've heard it is better than the original Adrenaline Rush. I've never tried the original, but I get a good picture of what it tastes like. I think that this Sugar Free will have like a citrus-tangerine flavor, but lacking that boost of flavor regular energy drinks have. This new can design is pretty simple, blue and silver blended background with the large silver two lizards smack, in the middle. I really like the older can design because this one is a bit too glossy, but it's fine. Okay, I think I'm ready to start reviewing.

As I open up the can, I smell a surprisingly strong grapefruit aroma. That totally caught me off guard, I never would have expected a grapefruit scent. Out of the can, Adrenaline Rush Sugar Free gives a yellow-orange color, similar to orange juice, almost exactly. This Sobe drink has a natural orange juice flavor right as it hits your tongue. As it fades away, you get an odd artificial grapefruit taste and a bit of some unappetizing papaya flavor. Luckily, sugar free energy drinks usually have no aftertaste, but their taste 'fades' away artificially. I think this drink is really well made, for an energy drink because the artificial taste is hardly noticeable. I can't stop thinking how much this drink resembles orange juice, but carbonated and a bit less flavor. It also tastes like the Rip It Citrus X and the Sobe Essential Energy Orange. As for carbonation, this drink, you can bet, has very little carbonation, which I and many others enjoy. One error I notice in this drink is the amount of gumminess, which is surprisingly a lot. I have reviewed quite a few sugar free drinks to know that they shouldn't have much gumminess at all. Overall, this was one powerful sugar free energy drink, but it got a bit bland after 3 seconds in your mouth, like fake fruit.

Now for the ingredients. After carbonated water, I see citric acid, taurine, and natural flavors. If you do the math, you see that taurine comes in at number three, not too bad. A few ingredients after that, I see a threatening sucralose, which is number 7. As you might know, too much sucralose can ruin a drink, like the Rockstar Sugar Free. Which reminds me to tell that before you purchase a sugar free drink, make sure and check how high sucralose is in the ingredients list. Make sure that it is not higher than 6 or 7. Adrenaline Rush Sugar Free also has the same ingredients in it, in terms of giving you energy, as your every day Monster or Rockstar. Per can, you get about 20 calories, which is about the same amount as the Lo-Carb Monster. You obviously get no sugar, but 1g of carbohydrates. As for caffeine, I see 152mg, which is about average, maybe a bit more, but no a lot. You also get 1,920mg of taurine; that leaves me wondering, "Why not just round to 2,000?" This beverage wasn't anything great, it had too much sucralose, which is now upsetting my stomach. It also had a pretty mild and weak flavor that kind of disappointed me, but definitely one of the better sugar free drinks out there.

Taste: 7 - Just a decent drink, nothing too special
Kick: 8 - Pretty nice kick, Sobe does a good job of that
Overall: 7.5 - It's pretty much what I expected it to be like

Reviewed by: Chan


Anonymous said...

Smooth kick, no jitters, and no hyper activity. The product is simply splindid and I’m interested a wholesale purchase via the web. The small stores that carry the product are unable to keep them in stock and the larger stores (Super Wal-Mart, Safeway, Shoppers, and Food Lion) only carry the sugar version.
Please provide information to an online vender that offers the service.

Canned Reviewer said...

Well, we know some great guys at The Energy Drink Outlet who specialize in selling energy drinks online. They're located in Tahoe and I'm sure they'll ship your drinks out to you. Check them out!

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Anonymous said...

Everywhere I know stopped selling these ... do you know if they're stopping production of it? It's my favorite drink of all times; I really hope that's not the case.

Canned Reviewer said...

Yeah, you're not the only one. It seems everywhere I go, suppliers are stopping sales of energy drink favorites. This may be due to the global recession; however you can almost always find your favorite drinks online. Check the Energy Drink Outlet (Google it!), or even Bevmo, and they'll ship 'em right to your door. Email us at if you're having further issues and we can try to locate a few cans for you.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, they have stopped making it because of low sales. I find that hard to believe. I love them. Went to beverage direct and they are sold out too :( They need to bring them back.


Jeffery "Jeff," Chandler "Chan"