Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kronik Entourage

Knowing what you're going to get before you actually receive it can sometimes be a bit of a bummer, this relates to just about anything. Say your birthday comes up and you take a peek into someone's car, or room, and see they got you exactly what you have been wanting. In the energy drink socialization, knowing the exact flavor you're about to guzzle before you open it can be a disappointment, that's most likely I will try to refrain myself from looking at the ingredients list before having the drink itself. With the Kronik Entourage, I was in so much excitement after finding a can of it, I immediately took a glance at ingredients to find a few disappointing ingredients, like HFCS and Sucralose. Aside from sweeteners, the main flavors are a bit plain for a juice energy drink being just white grape, pear, and orange. Being such a mean energy drink company, I am almost positive Kronik can pull off a great ensemble with just those three fruit extracts, but I really can't be too sure until I open it up. Unlike a regular can of Kronik, the Kornik Entourage has orange barbed wire going astray all over the can, rather than just a segment of it on one part of the can. Seeing 80% Juice reminds me of the M-80, although the M-80 is sweetened with sucrose and glucose, and has more fruit ingredients.

Opening the can of Kronik, I find an aroma that best fits that of the original Kronik, with the fruity presence of the Monster Khaos. Out of the can, Kronik Entourage seems to be the color of light and carbonated orange juice, or perhaps even apricot juice, with little consistency. Sadly enough, Kronik failed at making a juice drink filled, instead, it tastes more like a dull orange-apple soda. Taking the first few sips, I note a flavor of mainly orange and apple, but it's harder to find even more flavor being covered in a wave of extremely dull corny syrup. I don't recall ever tasting an energy drink where I can actually taste more corny flavor than the primary flavor, Kronik Entourage has to be the first. In general, it tastes disappointing, with little real sweetness, and no actual fruity consistency I was hoping for. Along side that disappointing mess, I found an artificial aftertaste, like pure Spenda with little orange and white grape background. Having the traits of the soda, I felt it is necessary to note the amount of carbonation seems to be that of an average soda, but without the phosphoric acid. It could be that I'm not drinking a lot of this, but there seems to be not so much gumminess, although a few large gulps could prove me wrong. Overall, knowing a good company like Kronik, they would impress me with an amazing juiced up energy drink, but instead it was poorly structured, with artificial and cheap sweeteners.

Kronik really doesn't have as many ingredients, hence being less complex, here they are: carbonated water, white grape juice from concentrate, per juice from concentrate, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, orange juice from concentrate, natural flavors, caffeine, Sucralose and yellow 6. On energy ingredients, there's taurine, glucosamine, glucuronolactone, gurana, ginseng, inositol, milk thistle, and ginkgo biloba. Per can, there's a wasteful 280 calories and a not-as-bad 64g of sugar. Not many energy drink have I come across with 280 calories, that's just extreme, and I would not consider getting another. On energy ingredients, you get 200mg of taurine, 100mg of guarana, 100mg of ginseng, 50mg of milk thistle, and 50mg of ginkgo biloba. After finishing the can with much hesitation, I'll conclude the kick is pretty darn good, just like the other Kronik flavors, delivering much focus and not so much jitteriness. If you would happen to cross Kronik Entourage's face, do not get drawn in by it's mean can design. Just stay with the regular Kronik, if you trust Canned Reviews. So, after saying that, Kronik Entourage does not compare to the kings of juice energy drinks like Ace Juiced, Monster M-80, or Joker+Juice, but would be considered a lower class juice along with the Monster Khaos.

Taste: 6 - Just a terrible take on a juice energy drink...perhaps it would have been better without the HFCS and the Sucralose
Kick: 8.5 - I cannot stress how good Kronik's kick is packed in each can.
Overall: 6.5 - A lame overall flavored drink that frankly tasted more like corn than it did juice...

Reviewed by: Chan

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