Saturday, April 12, 2008

Monster Mixxd

This is one I've desperately been wanting to try. I haven't had a Monster Mixxd in a long time, and it was the only non-coffee Monster we hadn't yet reviewed. All this time, I had been on a hunt for this one, until I finally found it at a local market. I was ecstatic. Monster called this one "Mixxd" because, as it states on the back of the can, it's a mix of all their backup flavors. I'm expecting a pretty crazy combination of flavors, and I know for sure that there's at least going to be red grape. The design of the can is the same as the M-80 and Khaos, with a riveted metal look and the name of the drink at the bottom in all caps. I just can't wait to tear in.

I once again went through with my dramatic can-opening ritual, and when the can burst, I went in for a sniff. Whoa! That's a funky mix. It smells like red wine, even with the sourness like decomposing grapes. But there can't be alcohol, no way. It must be all of Monster's backup flavors. Anyway, I poured it out, and I saw that the color differs from the rest of the Monsters; it's sort of a dark rose with an orange tinge. As for the taste... it's a hard one to describe. I'm certain there's grape and some cola, and there might be orange along with some floweriness, like Hibiscus flowers. It's pleasant and there's adequate sweetness, I'd say, to carry the flavors along. I really like it because it's strong and not too light like some of the other drinks I've reviewed. It's a great mix, in my opinion, and I goes down easily, with minimal gumminess and little carbonation, though I admit, the flavor gets a little old after a while. You'd like it if you're for stronger and more flavorful drinks, like Amp or Red Bull.

Like all the Monsters, you get an incredible kick. I got some intense energy and persevered all throughout my workout. It's what you get from a quality drink like Monster. I was buzzed almost immediately and it lasted till the end. What kept me going must have been the 5000mg total of Glucose, Caffeine, Guarana, L-Carnitine, Glucuronolactone, Inositol, and Maltodextrin in the Energy Blend, along with the 2000 total mg of Taurine and 400mg of Ginseng. Oh, and the slightly higher-than-normal 27g of sugar, not HFCS. Mix it all together with your daily value of B vitamins, and you've got a potent elixir to get you through the day.

Taste: 7.7 - Tasty and very unique, but it gets a little old towards the end
Kick: 8.5 - The magnificent boost you get from a Monster
Overall: 8.4 - One of the best and strongest Monsters

Reviewed by: Jeff

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Alexz said...

this was pretty awesome the first time I drank it I got the kick quickly as well. I really like the taste as well.


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