Monday, March 24, 2008

Headshot Blueberry Slam

Hey, somewhat valued readers! Today I'm gonna talk about Headshot Energy Shot Blueberry Slam, which, unlike what my friends Jeff and Chandler reviewed, is not a full sized, 16 oz energy drink, but a 4 oz energy shot. This is meant to be shot down at once , but I'm just gonna treat it more delicately.

Popping the lid, I go in for a sniff, which, surprisingly, greeted my nose with a pleasant mix of sweetness and a fruity scent. Like the name, this shot has a nice blueberry taste. It's a little thick, but that really doesn't matter, heck, it actually makes the drink smoother and fits the flavor well. It's not carbonated, but instead more like a fruit juice, which is great. It's certainly very unique, and has a sweet aftertaste that's pretty much just like the actual flavor, which is a good thing. One thing's for sure, folks, enjoying this drink in little sips is the way to go.

The amount of calories in this drink is relatively low, clocking in at 90. There's a little sodium and carbohydrates, but not enough to really matter. Besides, it all goes toward the flavor, right? There's also some sugar. What gives this baby a kick is those B vitamins and all that taurine, guarana extract, and inositol. There's some citric acid thrown in there, probably for flavoring. Also, the flavoring is improved do to the substitution of HFCS with Sucrose. And just a little health warning so none of you guys like OD on caffeine and stuff, ths drink is not recommended for children, people sensitive to caffeine, or people with a health condition. You have been warned(Kidding, guys).

Overall, I would strongly recommend this drink if you want a nice kick to get up in the morning or a smooth drink to enjoy.

Taste: 8
Kick: 7
Overall: 8

Reviewed by: Chris

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree..I enjoy this blueberry drink during the make me feel energized, the taste is great! I highly recommend this!!! Screw Red bull and all the other weird tasting crap..this is the way to go!



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