Friday, April 18, 2008

Rockstar Roasted Latte

Ah, yes another version of coffee, done by energy drink companies. This time, I found the Rockstar Roasted Latte. As you may have noticed, Jeff reviewed the Rockstar Roasted Mocha and Rockstar Roasted Lite Vanilla. Rockstar debuted three Roasted drinks, consisting of coffee, cream, and a blend of energy. To me, it sounds like they want to show up the Java Monster; Jeff and I will be the judge of that. If you look at the can, you see a coffee-brown background with a lot of parallel lines going diagonally across the can. Rockstar has a different interpretation of their logo; this time, it's slapped on the can, as if they had not a care in the world where their logo should be. I like this can, it gives you a good feeling of coffee and latte. Sounds good.

As I open the can, I get a more bitter coffee smell, as if they didn't put as much creamer in it. That's okay, most are like that anyway. As it rushes into the cup, I get an extremely light color, almost like milk, with a dash of brown. This drink reminds me of the Nut Up. As soon as it hits my tongue, I get a rich, strong genuine coffee taste, followed by a nutty aftertaste. You could relate this drink to a black coffee when it hits your taste buds, but you then get an extremely sweet blend of cream. The aftertaste tastes similar to the Nut Up because it has a blend of nuts, but it's not as noticeable as the Nut Up. The aftertaste is also a bit gummy for most coffee energy drinks out there, but I wont let that bring this drink down. Obviously, there is no carbonation, so it is easy to chug and/or take big sips. If it were up to me, I would advise you not to because this is one drink meant to be savored, period. I am surprised Rockstar actually has this much power to make such an insane drink. This one easily outplayed most of the Java Monsters. Overall, you NEED to get this drink if you are a coffee lover. However, this is a stronger blend than your usual Java Monster, so be careful, beginners.

Now the ingredients: I first see brewed espresso coffee. All you coffee fans know what that is. It's basically a type of coffee, not anything real special. Next comes sucrose, or table sugar and whole milk. Unlike the Java Monsters, these guys use whole milk. Java Monster's contain reduced fat milk. Taurine comes in at number four, almost average for energy drinks. Per can, you get 220 calories, not bad of a coffee-like drink. You also get 34g of sugar, a lot for a Rockstar Roasted, but a little for an energy drink. Next, you get 2,000mg of taurine, about average as well as 300mg of ginkgo biloba leaf extract. Ginkgo biloba is a tree, found by the Japanese and spread to America. It is placed in many energy drinks on the market to improve focus, instead of jitteriness. I am totally blown away by what Rockstar had to offer with 15 ounces of intense coffee, I apologize for the bad remarks I have said about Rockstar. This is one drink you absolutely have to get your hands on, though you might find it a bit strong.

Taste: 9 - Wow, I'm truly impressed with Rockstar
Kick: 9 - The Ginkgo helps this drink maintain a steady kick
Overall: 9 - It was great, I needed a good energy drink, It's been awhile...

Reviewed by: Chan

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