Monday, March 24, 2008

Monster Assault

Since our last review of Monster Assault, Monster has changed their formula just a bit as well as their can design. The old grey splotchy camo has been replaced by a more modern, relevant army camo, with the unique random and pixelated pattern similar to which our armed forces have brilliantly engineered. Instead of the Assault stamp right over the M, Monster takes a less cliche approach by preserving the Monster M and placing the Assault down below. In my mind, this is a better look, improving upon the old one and saving the uniformity of the line. Without further ado, I'm going to take a second look at the Monster Assault.

As I crack open the top, I eagerly zoom in to smell. Monster beautifully pulls off a fruity and subtle cola with those great Monster undertones. Getting deeper into the smell, I smell a little bit of cinnamon, partly from the original Monster, partly from the mild cola. As I pour the drink out carefully, the color reveals itself to be between a deep maroon and a light cola brown color. Taking a small sip, it starts to seem a bit boring in comparison to the wonderful smell, but soon, the aftertaste kicks in and I meet an overwhelming lot of aromatic spices that fade gradually. But when I decide to go for a larger sip, boy, the Assault does not disappoint me. The sweetness level isn't bad at all, and although I haven't favored Monster's recent decision to add Sucralose, I can tell, in the Assault at least, it doesn't have much of a negative impact. What stands out is definitely the pure Sucrose and Glucose, rather than HFCS, making this a very bright beverage with lots of definition. I can't easily describe the flavor, so I will try to instead identify the flavor as I recognize them. I know I've tasted a lingering cinnamon. There's also the prominent signature Monster flavor as a backdrop, which holds the drink together. While I used to think the Assault was most definitely cola, I can't say it tastes so much like cola anymore. What I remember now is the Monster Mixxd, which had tons more cola with a hint of thick grape. Nearing the end of the can, I am thoroughly satisfied with this very unique Monster and would absolutely recommend it.

So far, I don't notice any gratuitous amounts of energy, just a small boost. After looking thoroughly at the ingredients and supplements, I don't find anything out of place here, just the norm for Monsters. Maybe I'll start to chug this one, since it's not hard, with the small amount of carbonation. If you really want to know again what is in a Monster, just check out the last 3 Monster reviews, please.

Taste: 8.5 - Awesome Monster-Cola
Kick: 7.5 - The Monster kick

Overall: 8.5 - Awesome cola

Reviewed by: Jeff

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