Thursday, May 1, 2008

Amp Sugar Free

Hey, it's actually been awhile since my last review, and I've been craving to get one in. Ever since Canned Reviews started, I really wanted to review the Amp Sugar Free. So, after about 2 months, I went over to the local market and gave it a shot. I really like Amp's products, so this one will probably be just as good, except without the sugar and fewer calories. As you might know, Amp is made by Mountain Dew, a soft drink company which actually resembles Amp in flavor and color. This drink has a shiny silver background, with lime green streaks running up and down the can. In front, I get the usual disfigured "A" and the words Amp in lowercase letters. What differs from the original Amps is the bold, italicized words "Sugar Free" below the logo. I'm ready to crack this one open.

When the excess drink flies out due to the carbonation when I open it, I almost instantly get a natural aroma of tea and mango. Out of the can, it's color is sort of a light green and amber combination, similar to Monster and Amp, if it were to be mixed. Hm, what an odd flavor. If someone randomly went up to me and told me to try it, I would never believe that it's from the makers of Amp. This will take a lot of explaining to describe the taste. Let's first start off with the main taste. I first get a lime-mango taste, with cheek-pinching sourness. Following that, I get an orange-cantaloupe flavor, fading away with a light melon-berry flavor. My favorite part of this drink has to be the aftertaste. I, and many other people, prefer a drink with little to no aftertaste. So you can bet that this one will be a favorite. Another good part is that there is no gumminess whatsoever, most likely due to the fact that there is no sugar, or high fructose corn syrup. Like all the other Amps out there, however, I get a lot of carbonation, and I mean a LOT. So, although it is one light drink, it's not light enough to chug, so don't even try it. Overall, this was one great drink to review. I think of it as an honor to review such a drink like this. You really do not want to skip this drink, because, if you ask me, it was better than the original Amp. Great job, Mountain Dew and Amp.

Now for the ingredients. Instead of the usual HFCS, I see only natural flavors taking its place. I actually do taste the natural flavors, which is pleasing. Hm, this is a bit odd, "citric pectin." Oh, it's a healthy thickener, rarely placed in energy drinks, to obviously, thicken it. This drink also has a dosage of guarana seed, citric acid, sodium hexametaphosphate (cosmetics ingredient), maltodextrin, caffeine, sucralose (Splenda), acesulfame (artificial sweetener, related to aspartame), taurine, riboflavin, B vitamins and ginseng. Per can, you get a low dose of 10 calories, and 0g of sugar, that's it! Well, 0g of real sugar. It's pretty amazing what Amp can do, in terms of ingredients. You also get 20mg of taurine and 142mg of caffeine. I actually really enjoyed this drink; it was light, low in calories and sugar, and pretty flavorful. I just wish Amp would make more drinks similar to this one.

Taste: 7.5 - It was great, but it tasted a bit boring towards the end...
Kick: 8 - One of the better Amps that give a greater kick
Overall: 7.5 - You can't miss out on one of these

Reviewed by: Chan

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