Monday, September 8, 2008

24:7 Orange

Hey, this is Chris, and today I'll be reviewing the 24:7 Orange. This will most likely be an interesting experience, as I've never heard of, or seen an orange flavored energy drink. I'm expecting something along the lines of a Sunkist orange soda. I've always enjoyed the can design of the 24:7 line, and I think the orange coloring scheme totally fits well with the design including the flying "24:7". I don't know what to think about 24:7 in general, as I've only ever had one of their drinks, and not enjoyed it much. I think 24:7 will probably be able to pull of a decent orange flavor, and I'm hoping it's not dull and boring with a hard to enjoy flavor that I quickly lose interest of. Back to the can, I really like the cartoony, and yet well drawn orange near the top of the can, that's really neat looking. I'm glad to see the fact that this drink is indeed sweetened with sugar! That means no overly bitter Sucralose flavor, AKA Splenda. I'm ready to pop open this can, and give this orange flavored drink a try.

The can opens with a nice, satisfying crack, and I go for a nice whiff of (hopefully) tasty, orange flavor. One sniff seduces me as I question the reality of the aroma wafting from this magical can. It smells wonderful, and reminds me slightly of Sunny Delight, with a very faint, yet very clear generic energy drink taste. One sip proves the same, and I'm already heavily enjoying this drink. It's pretty sweet, with a small tinge of bitterness. It reminds me of an orange soda taste, kind of like a Sunny D as well. It's pretty lightly carbonated, allowing you to really experience the smooth flavor. The taste is very clean, and I can very easily enjoy this drink. The aftertaste is almost the same, except it has a very faint bitterness to it, but the orange flavor is still there and very pronounced. The aftertaste, I just realise, is just like a real orange, because it has that sour and bitter kind of feel to it, that still proves to be tasty. There's a noticeable slight thickness to this drink, that gives it an interesting texture that I really like. The gumminess is very low in this drink, which is always a good thing. It's nice to have a drink that doesn't make you clear your throat of gummy liquid in between each sip. This drink goes down smooth with low carbonation and gumminess plus a fantastic, well pronounced flavor, and I'm totally enjoying finishing off this can of goodness.

Te one other time I've tried a 24:7, the kick was just alright, not great, but I'm not saying it was terrible. It's actually a more focusing buzz this time, and I'm having no trouble with things like jitters. The back of the can lists 58 grams of sugar, which is an awful lot for 16 oz. I notice the very common combination of taurine and caffeine, which are in virtually every energy drink known to man. There's also glucuronolactone, which is supposed to fight fatigue, so I guess this would be good for exercise and things requiring endurance like running. Also there's pectin and locust bean gum, which are used as thickeners and gelling agents for multiple food products. There's also vitamin B3, which I'm generally assuming is just a multipurpose health and well-being vitamin. I'm enjoying the nice focus and lack of jitteriness for this version of 24:7, and thinking that this is a really good drink in both flavor and kick. I'm really focused, and after exercising I get little fatigue, and improved performance and focus, as well as a lot of concentration. Overall, I have to highly recommend this drink based on the focusing kick, and the very vivid, satisfying, and clean taste.

Taste: 9 - Awesome, clean, smooth, luscious orange
Kick: 8.5 - Great focus and decent energy ingredients
Overall: 8.8 - Highly suggested, awesome value for the price

Reviewed by: Chris

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