Monday, March 24, 2008

Rockstar Roasted Mocha

This is the Rockstar Roasted Mocha, Rockstar's answer to the Java Monster. I have had quite a few Java Monsters, and each I absolutely fell in love with. I pray that this competitor to the Javas can live to its expectations.

This is a pretty nice coffee, and of course, the color is a light, milky brown. The taste, I'll mention, differs from that of the Monster Java. The sweetness, chocolate, and milkyness hit you sooner than the coffee's bitterness. The taste of the coffee is actually stronger than that of the Javas, and it really resembles a frappichino from Starbucks. I could cope with this if I felt like more coffee flavor, but it hasn't become my go-to drink until it proves to me that it is somehow significantly better than the Javas.

As I get lower in the drink, I think I taste a slightly disgusting vitamin taste. I keep forgetting to shake the can! Either way, the energy supplements in there should still give me a boost.

...Thirty minutes later, I am totally hyped-up and focused. I am loving the high I get from this coffee. It's causing no ill effects; all I get is insane alertness and focus.

Now, for the ingredients. I expect caffiene, since this is a coffee. The energy blend is in the same dose, with 1000mg of taurine per serving, which there are two of in this drink. Also, Inositol, Guarana, Ginseng, Milk Thistle, and Ginkgo Biloba. Very cool ingredient list; I like the use of Ginkgo Biloba, a supplement for memory and concentration. I think I really do notice it, seeing as how I am so focused and concentrated. This might after all be my favorite iced coffee from now on.

Oh, and as for the picture, know that it was taken earlier, when I was jittery with another beverage. If I were to retake this picture, you might not be able to tell it apart from a professional's work.

Taste: 7 - Smooth and basic coffee flavor
Kick: 10 - The perfect kick with extreme concentration and no jittery-ness
Overall: 8.5 - I love the drink mostly for its effects, which is not something I do often

Reviewed by: Jeff

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