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Xyience Xenergy Blu Pom

Seeking out energy drinks are always fun, as I've stated before, especially when they have weird labels, like Xyience or Xenergy. Names like these usually mean a great drink, and I mean great. From previous experiences with Xyience, I think they are a good energy drink company, strictly sticking with Sugar Free energy drinks, and containing some odd ingredients. The problem I've faced with Xenergy is that when you crack it open, it tastes incredible, but by the time you're half way through the can, it tends to get pretty artificial and just plain terrible. Being a big fan of pomegranate, I hope to not see a disappointment to my favorite fruit. I am mostly convinced to see 'Blu' in front of 'Pom', probably insisting on a different color, and maybe another fruit put into the mix. I might also want to mention Xyience produces an amazing kick, with no exceptions. I'm positive this can is themed on an Asian style, but I can't be too sure if it's Chinese or Japanese. There are two Asian words on the can that may mean Xyience Xenergy. Because I'm in dire need of energy, I'll cut this short and just open up the can

After tearing into this can of Xyience, I am not too surprised at it's scent, being a warm blueberry, cranberry, and pomegranate aroma, very pleasing. Poured out of the can into a clear glass, it has the color of pomegranate juice and blueberry, but not really intensely dark. It's something Xyience does or puts into their energy drinks that give it that Jolly Rancher type flavor, just like drinking liquid hard candy. Imagine the blueberry Jolly Rancher with an equal amount of pomegranate added into it, with very little traces of mixed berry. For a sugar free drink, I find not too much artificialness, but oddly gumminess. I've come across just about every Xyience energy drink, and I have to say, Xyience sure knows how to create a pomegranate and berry infused sugar free energy drink. Chugging this drink fast, it tastes a lot like jam you put on toast for like breakfast, almost like the Go Fast. Unlike what I've noted previously with Xyience, I find this drink to be interesting throughout the whole can, every sip being refreshing and just flat out tasty. Finding a mild aftertaste, I'll conclude it's most like that jam I was just saying, but just mild in general. On carbonation, I discovered a heavy amount, almost like a soda, but I believe it just improves the energy drinks presence, especially in sugar free drinks. It's slightly gummy, with the two important sugar free sweeteners, Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium, but not as much as if it were sweetened with HFCS. Overall, I'll have to say Xyience has won, in making the best pomegranate/mixed berry sugar free energy drink.

Ingredients wise, energy drinks vary, but usually sugar free energy drinks have much more energy drinks, just to as complex as it should be. Xyience's energy ingredients are as following: filtered carbonated water, citric acid, taurine, sodium citrate, natural flavors, vegetable juice for color, glucuronolactone, caffeine, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, Vitamins B, guarana, ginseng, Sucralose, L-Carnitine, Inositol, and acesulfame potassium. Xyience has to be one of the only companies that put in vegetable juice for color, but I guess it's good because Xyience really does have a beautiful color. It really is a shame Sucralose has to be in every sugar free energy drink (And in some regular energy drinks too), but I think scientists are working hard to create something similar, but not as artificial. I'll have to look more into that. Per can, you do not get any calories, nor do you get any sugar, which, to me, is amazing. Finding this much flavor with so little artificialness is what it takes to be on the top 10 of our favorite sugar free energy drinks. All in all, I continue to say, Xyience has really stepped it up on this flavor of energy drinks alike, compared to their other sugar free siblings.

Taste: 8.4 - Very impressive pomegranate/berry sugar free energy flavor
Kick: 8.6 - With nice ingredients comes a kick lasting for a few hours
Overall: 8.5 - If you have read our Xyience reviews, you'd know by know which Xyience to go with if it comes to that situation

Reviewed by: Chan

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