Monday, March 24, 2008

No Fear

Okay readers, enjoy this next review on the energy drink, No Fear. I would first like to point out the logo, an odd one. For some reason a skull with wings interested me; it catches your eye, or it did mine, I really wonder who would of thought of that can design. I then see "No Fear" printed in white with a red outline above the skull, pretty cool. The colors No Fear uses really makes the can, just a simple black, red, and white. I've never tried No Fear before, so I have no clue to what to expect, perhaps just another Red Bull clone, I'm eager to find out soon. I hope that No Fear has made an energy drink that energy drink fans would enjoy. Let's find out, shall we?

Wow, I cannot overcome the aroma of this drink. As soon as I popped the can open, I immediately smelled guava and a blend of grape and some mixed berry, this is a powerful scent. The color of this drink is a cherry reddish color, kind of like wine, but a bit lighter and more depth. I tasted this drink and the light guava flavor with the grapefruit surprised me. I predicted wrong, but ,hey, it's really tasty. It's not a bad drink at all, the aftertaste is a smooth grape flavor, with some lingering guava mixed in. It's prefectly carbonated, very light, and meant for easy enjoyment. The gumminess is also pretty stable, not going over the limit of a bad drink, but pretty nice. I also wanted to mention a thing about that, it's pretty bitter, but I think that's what makes the whole drink good. Overall, I really tasty drink, I could drink it all day every day if I could, but just watch out for the bitterness mixed in, coming from the grapefruit. I was fond of this drink, espicially being that they aren't made for making energy drinks.

Now, the ingredients list: unfortunately, this product has HFCS, which, we all know, isn't that good, tasting dull and cheap.Taurine comes in at a usual#4, which means a standard energy boost, although not proven to do anything. I am reading that there is grape juice concentrate and grape seed extract, giving it that smooth grape taste. I guess its made with grapes, eh? Well, hey, that's good for you antioxidants. Per can, you'll get 2000mg of taurine and 260 calories. It's really sweet and contains a lot of carbs, so you may want to stick with the low sugar alternatives, you'll find one you like on this vast website. You can tell this is making me jittery just from the picture above, don't worry, I'll try and get a better one. All in all, it's one drink that anyone will like, just slowly introduce them to it and they're sure to be hooked, jackpot fish there, enough said.

Taste: 8 - I really enjoyed the smooth guava-grapefruit combination
Kick: 8.4 - I was wide awake later that night
Overall: 8.2 - No Fear has made an energy drink different than that of a Monster, perhaps a better taste too

Reviewed by: Chan

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