Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rockstar Roasted Light

I'm excited to have another coffee! That Rockstar Roasted Mocha was so good and this one I expect to be better. It's light, meaning it's got vanilla instead of chocolate. The can design is pretty neat, fitting in with the whole series of Rockstar Roasteds. Oh, and guess what! It's got 50% less fat and 50% fewer calories than the original Rockstar Roasted. Ah, so this is the low cal, low carb, low sugar, low everything Rockstar Roasted. And to the extreme! In the Supplement Facts on the back, it lists only 7g of sugar per serving. That's incredibly low compared to any other drink you find on the market. Maybe it's even got less sugar than a regular sweetened latte you get at Starbucks. What I really like about this, though, that makes it unique, even to its competitor, the Monster Javas, is the addition of Ginkgo Biloba and Milk Thistle. Some pretty non-standard ingredients that have some interesting properties. Ginkgo Biloba delivers great concentration, I learned when I found it in the Mocha. Milk Thistle has protective effects on the liver, I found out, and is also good for lowering cholesterol levels. By far, this is the healthiest energy drink I've ever come across.

I opened the can after my can-opening ceremony and found that, rightly so, the drink didn't smell as sweet as most drinks. It's a very subtle coffee scent and is quite mild. There's no carbonation, since it's a coffee, and the texture is smooth as silk with no extra fat left behind on your tongue. It possesses a moderately pleasing flavor, where the sweetness comes first, followed by a bitter coffee bean, and ending with warm vanilla. I like it; it's not overpowering and has genuine coffee bitterness. I could chug it, and I might, considering the flavor is light enough and there are no painful bubbles to hold you back. And I think I can safely say that this is definitely not as sugary and syrupy as those thick Starbucks Lattes. This one is pleasing and subtle and light, and I'm diggin' it.

I'm going to have to switch gears and see how well I can feel the kick. I definitely know that I felt more awake and aware as soon as I took a swig. I'm hoping for more of the same electric energy with the same amazing concentration to keep me going and in-tune. And after a little while, I get that and also that kind of energy like you're ready to run a marathon at any time. Not quite the jitters, but just lots and lots of energy. It seems I get loads more from this than any Monster, and I'm loving it. As for the ingredients, they seem to be far above-par just as the rest of the drink. There are 2780mg of the energy blend, which includes the standard amount of Taurine, Caffeine, Guarana, Inositol, L-Carnitine, and Panax Ginseng. And there are those two interesting ones, Ginkgo Biloba and Milk Thistle. I feel the Ginkgo Biloba; I know I'm concentrated; and I hope the Milk Thistle is helping me liver. Overall, this is a great light drink if you're up for coffee and some seriously intense energy.

Taste: 8.5 - Light and subtle, with that genuine coffee taste
Kick: 9 - That was amazing
Overall: 9 - Man, you gotta have this one

Reviewed by: Jeff

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