Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Steaz Berry

I never thought a health store like Lassen's would have energy drinks, but, as it turns out, they do. I found three varieties there, two Steaz drinks and one called Pure Fuel, which I should review soon. I chose to review this today because I had a hunch this would be the tastiest of the three that I have. I mean, who doesn't love berry? I don't have a problem with it. The thing that sets this drink apart from all the rest is the fact that it is organic. I'm not sure exactly what something has to be to classify as organic, but I do know that it usually means better quality and more nutrients. The major energy ingredients listed on the front of the can include green tea, yerba mate, acai, and guarana, which are not very common in energy drinks. I like the use of yerba mate because I used to drink it all the time and I know it's pretty healthy. I can't explain the green color, as this is a berry drink, but it doesn't really matter. Let's see how an organic drink fares against the norm.

This is my first time opening an organic energy drink, and it smells extra herbal. The base is berry like Red Bull, and on top of that is the chocolaty acai. The color it comes out as is close to, but cloudier and lighter than the regular amber-gold. The smell comes close to smelling like alcohol, due to the combination of the acai, yerba mate, and green tea. Taking the first sip, I don't immediately think berry, but more apple and pear. It's rather luscious yet also light and goes along well with the earthiness of the teas and the fine, tingly carbonation. When I think about it, I feel rather elegant and sophisticated drinking it. It tastes pretty good and now, I notice just a little berry, but the color tricks your mind into thinking it's apple. It's very refreshing, even with the earthy tea flavor. I'm easily able to down this really quickly, but I'm drinking it slowly, in order to savor the rich chocolatiness of the acai and the smooth, light apple-berry. The sweetener, I can tell just from taste is sugar, or as they put it here, organic evaporated cane juice, which I suppose is even better. I know it is sugar because it's much crisper and brighter than HFCS. Overall on taste, this drink is a solid pass, curing my energy drink cravings just fine.

Now, because this is organic, I'm curious to see just what in this drink will provide the energy. It turns out to be guarana solely, along with vitamin C. That's somewhat of a surprise, considering most energy drinks will have 4 to 7 energy ingredients or so. Perhaps the acai, yerba mate, and green tea (all of which are organic, mind you) also provide some kick. Just about everything listed in the ingredients has the word "organic" in it, except for a few things, which is good. The sugar content is also not bad, being 23g. This is low in comparison to Monster's 27, Amp's 29, and Vitamin Energy's 25. Truthfully, I think it's just the right amount. Drinks loaded with sugar tend to get really old really quick. That's never a good thing, and it didn't happen with the Steaz. After feeling the kick for about 30 minutes, I don't feel an absolute rush of energy, but it's a great pick-me-up, for sure, and very refreshing. I can't wait to try the other flavors.

Taste: 7.7 - Refreshing and sophisticated
Kick: 7.5 - Pick-me-up, not a turbo charge
Overall: 8 - Hey, it's organic!

Reviewed by: Jeff

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