Monday, June 16, 2008

Vitamin Water Power-C

I finally was able to get my hands on one of these Vitamin Waters. Everywhere I go, I see these and just never bother to pick one up and review. Perhaps they were too expensive. Finally, I went over to this new store called Fresh and Easy and decided to get one, and for one dollar, why not? Vitamin Water came out with two of their drinks that have energy drink ingredients in them, the Power-C (Taurine) and the Energy (Guarana). Jeff reviewed the Energy so I decided it was fair I reviewed the last and final Glaceau drink, here on Canned Reviews, unless they come out with another one. This drink has no apparent bottle design, just half red and half white, along with some paragraphs and the word Vitamin Water stenciled vertically across the bottle. Some last minute details show me a clear twist off cap and the word dragonfruit, revealing the flavor. Okay, here it goes...

I twist off the cap to hear crackling sounds and smell a rather light berry aroma. This see-through bottle shows a rosy red-purple color, with no fizziness, because it's not carbonated. The taste surprised me with a diluted dragonfruit taste, that frankly tastes like a sports drink, you know, just bland. I guess the flavor is due to all the vitamins and the amount of sugar, which is only about 30g. This Vitamin Water is trying to say in a paragraph on the bottle "Hey, this drink has a light flavor because the people who use this, use it while exercising." In that case I'll let Vitamin Water go, free of charge only because its got a light, addicting flavor for a reason. It's aftertaste seems to be that of a sports drink, you know, that nasty burnt fruit taste. Luckily, it's not as overpowering as a sports drink. There's no carbonation because it's meant for exercising, so you don't have that burning sensation on your tongue while exercising, that would be pretty unpleasant. For a 20 ounce drink I was surprised to have no gumminess at all, even after drinking all of it. Overall, I thought this drink had a nice, smooth dragonfruit+berry taste that anybody would enjoy, but perhaps it didn't have enough flavor and was too diluted for avid energy drink drinkers, like Jeff and I.

As for ingredients, Vitamin Water Power-C has vapor distilled, deionized, and/or reverse osmosis water and is sweetened with cane sugar and crystalline fructose. I've been researching crystalline fructose and you know what it really is? High fructose corn syrup. It's trying to hide but energy drink companies only know so little about it. It's also got some dragonfruit extract, vegetable juice, natural flavor, electrolytes (magnesium lactate), taurine, B vitamins, monopotassium phosphate, calcium lactate, and ascorbic acid. Per bottle, you get 125 calories, which isn't bad at all for a 20 ounce bottle, as well as only about 30-32g of sugar. I know I'm not feeling a kick right now, so I check out how much taurine there really is and only see 25mg. That's nothing! Caffeine also helps to jolt you up, but yet there's none in this drink, so it may be awhile, if anything, to get a kick. All in all, you won't find this drink cheap everywhere, so if you see it for like 2-3 dollars, just drop it, there's nothing really special in this drink enough to wow you, but in my case, one dollar is just fine.

Taste: 6.8 - It had a slightly above average taste... nothing too tasty about it
Kick: 5 - Vitamin Water exaggerated a bit when they said 'Power'
Overall: 6.5 - I really wouldn't buy it again, too many other good beverages out there

Reviewed by: Chan

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