Thursday, December 18, 2008

Vegas Fuel

Happy Holidays, everyone! What could be better during the holiday season than to crack open a nice energy drink? Well, I got found myself a can of Vegas Fuel, courtesy of Vegas Fuel themselves, and I'm ready to crack this one open and taste it. Sure, most people have been to Vegas or will go to Vegas at least once in their life, and I'm sure that if you were to go there, you'd find a whole lot of these laying around in stores and such. I, myself, am not a big fan of Las Vegas as it's crowded nearly everywhere you go, but I usually take advantage of the times I'm there by scouring the area for some good energy drinks to review. So far, I've found all Xyience drinks out there, Deton 8 and Deton 8 Sugar Free, Red Bull Cola, Talon Drinks, DNA drinks, Bionic Tonic, Go Fast, and many others I may not be able to remember right now. I can recall seeing Vegas Fuel the most, out of all the times I've been searching, as the label speaks for itself. A very simple yet sleek can design shows nothing to me, in terms of possibly even a hint at the flavor, but I'll have to go with a Monster Clone, as it may be just another "Cloned" brand. "Vegas Fuel" is printed vertically across the front of can, which is also in front of a black background and a random red circle. Okay, well, let's give this one a shot.

Opening up the small, 8 ounce can, I find an aromatic blend of strong, blossomy strawberry, cherry, and assorted other berries and reminds me most of Hawaiian Punch soft drink. Pouring it into a clear glass cup, I note a color resembling almost blood, or dark red for you "squeamish" people, except with a whole lot of carbonation. After the first few sips, I know I wasn't expecting what I tasted, being a refreshing blast of pure cherry, pineapple, cranberry, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, orange, and a bit of lime. As those flavors are listed, I made sure they are in order from most presence to least presence. So, as you can see, cherry is the prominent flavor here in this Vegas Fuel, but it also reminds me of a nice can of Hawaiian Punch, except carbonated and a bit less sweet. Hitting almost half way, there's more of a motion to the drink as it goes into the mouth. At first sip, all the flavors hit your tongue at once, and all fade quickly into a diluted mixture of corn syrup and just overall blandness that makes you want to sip a bit more to get that flavor away. It ends with a nice, sour-sweet bite to it, just like if you were to eat a raspberry or strawberry; just the same tasty bite that pinches the sides of your cheek. I can assure you that there's high fructose corn syrup in this without even looking at the ingredients because of the dullness that brings down the great punch flavors. It's not gummy however, which isn't too common now with high fructose corn syrup. It's nicely carbonated, less carbonated than most other energy drinks I've seen, which really brings out the nice punch flavor. Overall, Vegas Fuel's flavor will really deliver a powerful punch flavor you may need to be partying in Vegas and to quote Vegas Fuel, "Put a little Vegas in you."

In one small can of Vegas Fuel, the ingredients are standard, but the kick is top-notch. All of Vegas Fuels ingredients are listed as followed: carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, taurine, sodium citrate, natural flavors, glucuronolactone, caffeine, D-calcium pantothenate, potassium sorbate, sodium beonzoate, panax ginseng, guarana extract, niacin, inositol, L-Carnitine, gum acacia, ester gum, pyridoxine hydrochloride, FD & C blue #1, and cyanocobalamin. Nice ingredients. I'm glad to not see Sucralose, which tells me that Vegas Fuel hasn't fallen into that "Trend" of adding Sucralose into every drink, at least not yet. Per 8 ounce can, you get a decent 110 calories and only 26g of sugar. Wow, I'm extremely impressed on Vegas Fuel's sweetener plan, with only 26g of sugar per can, it's sweeter than a Monster, but without the sugar! As for energy ingredients, taurine is standard, having 1,000mg of it, and caffeine is on the average side coming in at 75mg per can. For a small can like this, I received an uplifting kick with a decent amount of alertness, but not enough to get me jittery, as I would enjoy to have another 8 ounces. All in all, Vegas Fuel made a great first impression and I strongly believe you should pick yourself up one of these next time you're hanging around in Las Vegas in the near future.

Taste: 8.2 - Great, strong cherry-pineapple-strawberry punch flavor, reminding me, personally of cherry Jell-O!
Kick: 8 - Decent kick for an 8 ounce can; it's recommended you look for a 16 ouncer for some great energy
Overall: 8.1 - A considerable drink to have if you're into punch

Reviewed by: Chan


Anonymous said...

where did you find vegas fuel?

David Alvarado said...

I live in vegas, i feel entitled to go out and get one now.


Jeffery "Jeff," Chandler "Chan"