Thursday, May 15, 2008

Amp Traction

Okay, I'm so excited to review yet another Amp Product. After this review, we will have all the Amps covered, until they decide to come out with another product. I've saved the best for last, if you will. This one is called the Amp Traction because it's supposed to give you sustain, due to the maltodextrin and D-Ribose in the drink. It also notes at the bottom "Charge of Grape;" so I'm expecting a sharp grape flavor, with some original Amp mixed in, which is lime-orange. This can has an intense dark purple background, with black spikes sticking out from the top and bottom of the can. In front of it is the usual disfigured "A" and the words Amp in lowercase letters. The only difference is the word "Traction" that is stenciled in at the middle of the can in bold, spongy letters. I know that Amp makes a bold-tasting energy drink, but the newer ones just didn't appeal to me as much as the older ones did. So, I'll give this one a shot...

As I crack open the can, the Amp Traction reveals a deep purple aroma with a noticeable Amp flavor behind it. Out of the can, this Amp gives a crazy dark purple color, so dark, it could possibly be mistaken for black. Oh, yeah, I was right, I did save the best for last. Amp Traction brilliantly enters the mouth with a strong grape taste, similar to grape medicine, but it's tolerable and much sweeter. As it fades away, you get a sweet original Amp flavor that impressively compliments the main grape flavor. However, like most Amps, the aftertaste ruins almost the whole drink. Just like the Elevate, Overdrive, and Relaunch, the Traction has a bitter artificial aftertaste that just makes you feel like walking away. If you can imagine taking grape flavoring, adding some Splenda, or Sweet N' Low, and drinking it, you know what this aftertaste is like. This drink somewhat reminds me of grape juice, except carbonated, and with a bit more depth to it. Other than that, this is one unique Amp you cannot afford to miss out on. Because I've never seen an energy drink that has a grape flavor- or perhaps I should say a main grape flavor- I think that this drink deserves some good recognition. One thing I noticed about this drink is that I don't notice as much carbonation as the other Amps. Many avid energy drink aficionados prefer their energy drinks lightly carbonated, for full enjoyment of their beverage, so I believe this a great drink for energy drink lovers. Same old gumminess is found in this energy drink, a disappointing act of Amp to keep up with the amount of gumminess in their products. Overall, I was very pleased with this drink's structural flavor, but beginners to energy drinks beware, this is one intensely strong beverage.

Now for the ingredients. I see carbonated water (obviously), then HFCS, no surprise. I would really like to see Amp make a product that is sweetened with sucrose and glucose, instead of HFCS. Taurine then comes in at number 5, packing an immense kick. Following that is maltodextrin, to improve your sustain and "Traction." It also has guarana seed extract, sodium benzoate, sodium hexametaphosphate, caffeine, D-Ribose, gum arabic, niacinamide, panax ginseng root extract, and brominated vegetable oil. I did mention, however, that the aftertaste is similar to Splenda, I must be mistaken because I don't see sucralose, the 'code' word from Spenda, in this mix. I was ecstatic when I got this drink and ecstatic when I opened it up to find an insane taste, and I'm honored to be reviewing it now. I do understand why many people acclaimed this drink to be nasty because I understand that not a lot of people can tolerate a strong grape taste, but to a trained taste bud, this drink is actually not bad at all. I strongly advise you get this drink when you can, and when you do, leave me a comment on this review explaining what you thought about it.

Taste: 8 - It was good in my terms, but I'm a bit iffy on what others may think of it
Kick: 8 - A steady, solid kick so far
Overall: 8 - A great drink to have while just kicking back, (especially after a hot day over here!)

Reviewed by: Chan

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Anonymous said...

A simalar drink as far as sustained energy is Slapshot. The kick won't bowl you over but it's kick will last around 6 or seven hours and after you have a meal you get another rush of energy. I sip Traction when I'm working in the yard or just doing odds and ends around the house. If I find Slapshot i use that because it has the same ride and the same ingredients for .60 cents a can @ Big Lots. Both these drinks remind me of a Tea energy high,sustained and leveled out,smooth.


Jeffery "Jeff," Chandler "Chan"