Monday, May 26, 2008

Vitamin Water Energy

I haven't had very many Vitamin Waters in my days, so I guess it's time I had one. And what do you know, Vitamin Water has a drink that claims to provide energy. Not surprisingly, they called it the Vitamin Water Energy. Since I'm just recovering from a bit of a cold, I went for this instead of a more sugary energy drink. Hopefully this can deliver the energy without the large amount of sugar. The energy components in this drink are simple: Natural Caffeine (50mg), Guarana (25mg), and B vitamins. It's weak compared to other energy drinks, so it's definitely not going to have as much of an effect. However, I'm still up to try it, in the name of Canned Reviews. The flavor is written on the side, which is something I think other drinks should adopt... maybe. It's helpful in telling you just what flavor your drink is gonna be. This Vitamin Water says "tropical citrus," and it's the same yellow as the yellow Vitamin Energy. I bet it's the same flavor.

The smell is hardly sweet, and it isn't easy to distinct the flavors within. I'm trying my very hardest, and the best guess I can get is melon, I think. Aww, the flavor disappointed me a bit. It surely doesn't taste like your average energy drink. It's the same flavor as the Vitamin Energy Tropical Citrus, but is toned down and watered down. That is to be expected, since there's only 13g of sugar. Fans of light drinks will find this more appealing than others. I'm the type of person who enjoys more overpowering, flavorful drinks than light ones, so this isn't my favorite drink. After a long, long time of tasting and analyzing the flavor, the best I can come up with is a subdued and rounded-out lemon with orange. There really isn't much more. It doesn't do well on taste for an energy drink, but I suppose it's just fine as a Vitamin Water. And the good thing about Vitamin Waters is that they come without carbonation and impart no gumminess to the mouth. In the end, the drink is very refreshing, something rarely seen in an energy drink, and something I like and need right now.

This 20oz bottle took a while to finish, as I was taking sips not very frequently, but only when I got rather thirsty. And since I drank it after I'd eaten, it didn't have as much of an effect as it would have. Still, this was a great pick me up, I have to admit. It did deliver some great energy, but I think that was because I hadn't had a drink in a while with these energy ingredients. It has 100% of your daily allowance of Vitamin C and half as much of an assortment of B Vitamins. The only ingredients present here are Caffeine and Guarana, which you find in very small amounts. Caffeine, you would usually find in amount of 100mg or so and Guarana would usually be aroun 50mg, I believe, though it varies per drink. If you're looking for a refreshing, light, tasty pick me up, this is a great choice. But if you've been drinking some energy drinks in the past week or so, this isn't going to do a thing.

Taste: 7.8 - Though it was light, I enjoyed it
Kick: 5 - Fine for a Vitamin Water; doesn't compete with other energy drinks
Overall: 6 - Great drink overall, not the best energy drink

Reviewed by: Jeff

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