Sunday, August 17, 2008

Xyience Xenergy Pink Lemon

It's funny how energy drink companies never seem to cease making any and every flavor that comes to their mind. One that came to my mind awhile ago was a pink lemonade flavored energy drink, and I thought to myself, "Wow, I would really like to try an energy drink with a Pink Lemonade flavor! Wouldn't that be quite interesting?" Next thing I know, I'm here whipping up a review with a pink lemon energy drink in my hand. I'm so eager to finally try one of these as I know that it may not be what I'm looking for because it's sugar free hence sweetened with Spenda and acesulfame k. Now, if you're into finding one of these, your resources may be limited because I know that I had to find this while I was traveling great 200+ mile trips, so this may not be one you'll find at your local grocery supermarket. I'm observing the can and admiring Xyience's great use of the can design they had to work with. I see just a few basic pink and purple circles in front of a gleaming almost perfect silver background. Their pink and purple fonts lead me to believe that they are perhaps targeting this drink for women, rather than guys, However, it's made by UFC, which is the league of fighting championships, so how could this make sense? I, myself, do not know, but the taste can possibly determine it.

I wanted to hit the hay early tonight but I craved an energy drink. So, I crack open the shining sugar free beast and admire the pungent yet somewhat artificial blend if lemonade with that 'pink feel' it gives. Xenergy Pink Lemon reveals a color most similar to the Rip It Chic Sin A Man, with more of a translucent hue and a bit less carbonation. Aw, the flavor is not what I had expected at all. Well it first tackles you with a wall of artificial sweetener with unknown other flavors in the background, perhaps strawberry tart. It then seems to change to a fake lemonade flavor, similar to the ones you can buy in sugar free powder form that dissolves into water. In all, it's hard to find a taste after having all the Sucralose merge and collapse into one giant mess of an artificial energy drink flavored with what seems to be a pink lemonade flavor. I guess that's how you can sum up the entire flavor of it. The aftertaste can be described as more of that introductory tartness with noticeable artificialness. I guess I can ind something good in something not great, the light carbonation. It feels good on the tongue when the carbonation hits it as it's perfectly carbonated. I didn't find much gumminess, but the artificial sweetener definitely did make up for it though. Overall, it's another disappointment from Xyience, and frankly not flavorful enough to be even called Pink Lemon.

Xyience manages to sneak in some cool ingredients. Here's the detailed list: Carbonated water, citric acid, taurine, sodium citrate, natural flavors, glucuronolactone, caffeine, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, D-calcium pantothenate, guarana, ginseng, Sucralose, fruit and vegetable juices, L-Carnitine, inositol, niacin, acesulfame potassium, gum acacia, and ester gum. The fruit and vegetable juices are in here not for taste reasons, but for color reasons, although I found it hard to find a color based on any fruit or vegetable out there. Perhaps there's some sort of pink fruit-bearing plant out there somewhere that I don't know about. Per can, you don't get any calories, nor do you get sugar, but there are 4g of carbohydrates most likely coming from the juices in the drink. The caffeine content isn't listed individually but all together, you get 2680mg, which isn't a lot at all, but hey the kick wasn't bad. The kick bore about a good two and a half hours of solid energy and a decent crash. All in all, I don't think a sugar free energy drink gets much worse than it is in this Pink Lemon drink, but the kick wasn't half bad.

Taste: 5 - All I could taste was a wall of Sucralose with a tinge of lemonade flavoring somewhere
Kick: 8 - The kick gave this drink bragging rights to be the energy drink of the UFC
Overall: 6.5 - We still have to review a few more Xyience's, I'm curious to see how they compare

Reviewed by: Chan

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