Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sobe Power Fruit Punch

As I was out today, I saw this, the Sobe Power Fruit Punch. I guessed from the name "Power" and the words, "Flavored Beverage with a blend of Proline, Guarana, & Taurine," that this was made to give energy. So, thinking it was worth a try, I decided to get it and save it for later. I know Sobe makes pretty high quality drinks, so I'm interested in seeing what this has to offer. Let's crack it open.

I didn't forget to shake it this time, so it's well mixed. At the opening of the clear glass bottle, I got an amazing trademark Sobe scent. Incredibly pungent fruitiness with a sour bite, but nothing that will make you pucker. It's like a bolder version of Hawaiian punch bringing some stronger and more citrus flavors into the mix. It's just a little gummy, with 30 grams of sugar, but overall, the gumminess isn't nearly as bad as some of the other drinks I've tried. As I tear further into this beast, I can tell it gets a little overpowering, yet it is still addicting at the same time. It makes me keep on coming back for more and more. In fact, by the time I finish this paragraph, I'll be nearly done. You may like this one more than the other popular drinks, because there's none of that "bubble gum" flavor, characteristic of energy drinks. It's just a smooth, fruity ride, yet I have to admit it tastes very sugary.

In terms of energy supplements, I see there are 50mg of Taurine, 50 mg of Guarana, and 25mg of L-Proline, pretty weak to energy drink standards. But I discovered something interesting about the last energy ingredient, L-Proline. L-Proline is an amino acid, found in your DNA, characteristic of Sobe soft drinks. It's the cause of that peculiar sweet aftertaste. It's unique to Sobes and I find it to be interesting. Moving right along, there's Caffeine, but it seems a very small amount, otherwise it would be listed in the Nutrition Facts. And, oh look! There's a whole day's recommendation of Vitamin C! Well, I'm set for half the day, now, with this drink. I don't feel much more energized, but a little. It seems this Sobe Power is more something to improve vitality, rather than energy, just like the Vitamin Energy. It's fine if you like Sobes, but I'm not really a big fan of this drink.

Taste: 5 - Unique and bold, but not insanely good
Kick: 3 - Weak on ingredients, I feel vitalized but not hyped-up
Overall: 6 - Fine if you like Sobes, but it's just not for me...

Reviewed by: Jeff


Anonymous said...

This is my favorite drink since Coca Cola! I'm not an energy drink sucker - those things aren't good for you anyway. I grabbed this one day, not knowing that it was made by an energy drink company, and fell in love. It's not even really an energy drink. It's a great tasting beverage to just drink.

Anonymous said...

I have been drinking Fruit Punch SoBes for a VERY long time and all of the sudden, I can't find that flavor ANYWHERE!! Has this been discontinued? These are actually ALL I drink. Sounds kind of crazy but I don't care for carbonated drinks and it always quenches my thirst. How can I get a hold of more of these?

Anonymous said...

Love this stuff- though the new formula without Creatine doesn't have the same tang. Also Sobe Power has 81 mg of caffeine per 20oz bottle. Two 12oz cans of Mountain Dew has 108mg of caffeine as a comparison.

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite drink as well. I've dealt with the same thing where i can't find it anywhere in the Salt Lake valley. I contacted Sobe and they said it was up to the local distributor if they wanted to continue to carry it, they told me that it wasn't a strong enough seller but anytime i went to the store these were almost gone so i call B.S. on that. I traveled 30 miles south to Utah County and wa-la there they were. I stocked up as soon as i saw them. One of our grocery stores had them for .39 at one time, i bought 20 cases because i didn't know if eventually they would not carry it as well. I just stocked up on some more just last week and now they are in plastic bottles and they have just a slightly different taste to but still really good though. I don't like the plastic bottle as much as the glass bottle though. I stocked up last week when they were .69 each.

Justin said...

Sobe Power is great, i love it. I'm from the Salt Lake, Utah and i can't find it anywhere here as well. I went down to Utah County, which is about 20 miles away, and they had them down there. I stocked up when i had the chance. Smith's (grocery store) at one point had them for .39 each, i think i bought about 15 cases for that price. That was in August of 2009. They are now in plastic bottles which i don't like as much and i think they taste a little different too but they are still the best out there. I would suggest calling some stores that are in a different county to see if they carry them or not.


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