Monday, May 26, 2008

Deton 8

While on vacation, I went over to a market called Smith's. It's owned by Kroger and just another version of Ralph's. I was disappointed to see that they didn't have a great selection, but then I saw an energy drink called Deton 8. As well as this one, I got the Deton 8 Sugar Free, pretty excited to review that too. After quite awhile of research, I found out that Deton 8 is Smith's brand of energy drinks, like Albertson's brand, Max Velocity. It really caught my eye because it has an odd, high-tech can design, like something from the future. It has a glossy, metallic lime green background, with some silver patches and random black areas of spikes. In front of it is the word Deton, in computer-like print, and the larger number 8, right in the middle. I think this one will probably be a Red Bull or Monster clone, because isn't that how all brand energy drinks are? Having said that, I'm predicting a apple and subtle raspberry flavor and a mild aftertaste, with little gumminess. Okay, here it goes.
As it opens with some steam, I am not surprised to smell an exact Red Bull aroma. Red Bull has a green apple scent, with some sweetness and raspberry. Out of the can, it's an amber color, but just a bit darker than other Red Bull or Monster clones, with minimal fizziness. Deton 8 really tastes no different than a Red Bull, and sort of like a Monster. I always say that Red Bull clones are only better than Red Bull because they are a few dollars cheaper than one. This drink has a tasty bittersweet green apple taste, which tastes a bit artificial. It fades away with a mild, sweet raspberry flavor that's pretty likeable. It has no noticeable aftertaste, maybe just a sour a green apple flavor that faded away previously, but really nothing. Deton 8 doesn't really have anything that stands out between the brand name drinks, but I really enjoy a basic drink, like Monster. This drink is pretty light on carbonation, just like a Monster or Red Bull, which makes it pretty refreshing. I notice one difference in this drink, the amount of gumminess. It absolutely no gumminess, which, as you might know, makes the drink way better. Overall, Deton 8 had no bad taste to it, but nothing really impressed me about it.
Now for the ingredients. I see carbonated water and HFCS. Oh, well that's another difference between a Red Bull. If you noticed, Red Bull and Monster are sweetened with sucrose and glucose. Taurine comes in at number four, another slight difference. Other than that, this drink's got natural and artificial flavors, caffeine, inositol, niacinamide, and vitamin B. This is odd because I know that Monsters have way more ingredients than that... Per can, you get about an average count of 240 calories, not bad, and about 62g of sugar. I believe Monsters have around 56 or 57g of sugar and Red Buls have around 65g, about the average of both. You also get 1920mg of taurine, just a bit less than a regular 2,000mg found in most energy drinks. I see about 76mg of caffeine per serving, which is per can. Deton 8 had a "mainstream" taste, nothing that would 'wow' you, but I'd recommend it, if it came down to that and a Red Bull. Although it's recommendable, I'd say that if you saw a Monster in the same place, you're better off with a Monster.

Taste: 8 - I savored every drop, it's been a long time since I've had a Monster-like drink
Kick: 8 - Deton 8 gave me a solid and steady kick
Overall: 8 - No need to repeat myself, just read the Monster and Red Bull reviews

Reviewed by: Chan


Bri :) said...

HORRIBLE. It really doesn't appeal to my taste. I thought it'd taste like a rockstar or red bull but it has a VERY odd after taste. overall 1 out of 10 its probably a 3.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the Denton 8, sugar free drink mix sticks. The tangerine-strawberry flavor is the best. I get them from Kroger. You can also try mixing the packets with fruit juices to make a flavor that you like. I prefer to mix the packet with some Arizona green tea. The price is also good at 2.99$ for 10 sticks. 160mg caffeine, 1000mg tauine, 180mg guarana, 180mg panax ginseng. Oh and Wow does this energy mix pack a good punch. I only mix half the packet b/c its really strong.

Anonymous said...

it makes me pee SOOOOO much!!!!!!

corey said...


Anonymous said...

Deton 8 Sugar Free Rocks! I'm drinking my first one as I type this! Tastes a lot like a red bull to me just not as sharp, which i find appealing. $2.00 cheaper than a red bull as well.....yeah i'm down!!

Anonymous said...

the price is very good.

Anonymous said...

These deton 8's do taste like a mix of red bull and rockstar and it kept me up till the middle of the next day for me to finally fall asleep. Ive been drinking monster for like 2 or 3 years now and rockstars for one or 2 and never had that affect. I also buy the drink mix's at my local Frys store and I have gotten the tangerine strawberry ones to I dont not like the tasste but my husband does so i guess the can be good who ever can stand them.

Anonymous said...

Deton8 drink mix sticks made by Sturm Foods in WI is the same product as PowerEdge, a product Walmart sold for several years until pulling it in January due to lack of sales. The drink mix sticks have a great low price, great taste, and no calories. You can get 10 of these sticks for the price of a red bull. also sells Poweredge but a little bit more pricey.

Anonymous said...

Not bad for the price. My local Kroger is blowing them out for $0.62 a can. Get them while you can as it appears it failed.


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