Sunday, May 4, 2008

FRS Lemon Lime

Today, while I wandered around the shopping center, I came across a 99 cent store and couldn't resist taking a look. It turns out they had the FRS lemon lime, part of the FRS "health drink" series, which I recently got into with the FRS low calorie. That one wasn't as good as I thought it'd be, but I"m sure the lemon lime will be able to make up for it. This line of drinks is special because of the powerful antioxidants that are equal to 3 servings of blueberries, 8 servings of red onions, or 10 servings of raspberries. This thing is so healthy, they actually recommend you drink a can a day. And it is supposed to aid your recovery from and improve your energy during a work out. I'm drinking this thirty minutes or so before I do some work. I'll see how it does.

I opened the can and grimaced. Chan put the smell as being "lemon lime and barf." I agreed with him, and his statement was reinforced after a big sip. The drink starts out smooth, with a refreshing lemon taste, and then -BOOM!- you're hit with a devastating vitamin and rather nasty onion-like aftertaste. I didn't expect that at all. The bigger the drink you take, the stronger and more disgusting the aftertaste, yet, even with a small sip, there is still some. This isn't one I want to chug or nurse. I can hardly bear to finish the can, but I will for the sake of health. I'm hoping I am really as protected from free radicals as the can claims, or I will have just stomached this brutally unpleasant concoction for nothing.

The kick: Well, that was pretty basic. It was like eating a fruit or vegetable, I suppose, with all the vitamins. Except it tasted much worse. I found that the agents acting as antioxidants in this drink are Quercetin (325mg) and Catechins (110mg). I'm not able to notice the antioxidant effects, but that doesn't matter, really. If it does it's job, I'm happy. The thing is, I'm wondering what would make somebody favor this over those 3 servings of blueberries, 8 servings of red onions, or 10 servings of raspberries. If this thing isn't substantially better at fighting free radicals than something reasonably easier to find and eat, I don't see why you must have it. Maybe the price had something to do with the quality. This 12oz can I got for less than 70 cents. Anyway, I'm not really looking forward to the next FRS review. For now, I'll stick to my standard energy drinks.

Taste: 2 - "ZOMG"
Kick: 4 - Well, I guess it's not meant to deliver energy...
Overall: 2 - Then why is it in the same section?

Reviewed by: Jeff

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Anonymous said...

I work for FRS Energy and one of the most frustrating things is getting people to understand that you must shake the can before drinking It. If you shake it, you will not only find it to be tasty, you will actually recieve more healthy energy benefits being that the supplements are now mixed in with the fluid. I know everything about FRS. Shake the can man!!!!


Jeffery "Jeff," Chandler "Chan"