Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sobe Essential Energy Orange

Here I am again, in a never ending search for energy drinks all over the world. This time, I dug out the Sobe Essential Energy Orange. I know that they make a blue one, or berry, but I decided to try orange. You can find this drink at your local market or store. I found this one at Ralph's, so I guess they aren't too hard to spot. This can explains and describes how it is better for you than most other energy drinks. It has the two orange lizard logo along with a larger golden lizard in the back. Other a few dents and scratches, this can is pretty basic. I do remember trying this drink about 5 months ago, but all I remember is that it's crisp and light. Let's find out if my memory is right...

As soon as I pop open the can, I get a real orange-like smell, similar to the Rip It Citrus. However, this one doesn't smell as artificial as the Rip It. As I tip the can towards the cup, I get a bright orange color with a bit of light yellow mixed in. This drink's color resembles orange juice, because of its opaque orange tint. I don't know what Sobe is saying because I notice quite a lot of carbonation, although they say it is lightly carbonated. Wow, that is one tasty drink. If you can remember what Sunny D tasted like, back in your childhood days, you know what this taste like. However ,there isn't that artificial taste. Instead, you get a burst of natural orange flavor, sorta like a freshly squeezed orange, in a cup, or in this case, a can. The people at Sobe weren't lying when they said "Better for You Energy: because I cannot taste any artificial part to this drink at all. Like many other drinks, this one contains a lot of gumminess that builds up in the back of your mouth. Next, I was in disbeliefwhen they mention "lightly carbonated" because you know how many companies do that, right? Well I was wrong, this drink is light and very easy to chug. You should not though, because you most likely won't find a tastier energy drink thats 'better for you', so I do suggest you savor it. Overall, you need to try this drink, maybe for a breakfast drink, instead of coffee. Trust me, you'd get a healthier breakfast blend with this drink, for a better price than Starbucks.

Now the ingredients. I first notice, of course, carbonated water. Then I see, crystalline fructose. You might be thinking "Woah, what is that?. " That's just a fancy name for table sugar, or sucrose. Next comes orange, grape and pear juice from concentrate. That's odd because I never tasted any grape or pear in the drink, so I guess they don't put as much. I also noticed Yerba Mate leaf extract. It's a tea leaf rarely seen in most energy drinks, but natural ones. Per can, you get 240 calories, which is quite a few for an energy drink, but I guess they need it to pack this much energy. You also get 59g of sugar per can, which is pretty above average for an energy drink. Just so you know, this drink isn't all energy, it is 30% juice, which I prefer out of most drinks out there. This drink met my expectations and I know Sobe makes great energy drinks. You need to get yourself one right away.

Taste: 9 - The taste was phenomenal, but the gumminess kinda threw me off
Kick: 9.5 - I am really focused and a bit jittery
Overall: 9.3 - Wow! this is a true energy blend here!

Reviewed by: Chan


Will said...

crystalline fructose isn't sucrose. Fructose and sucrose are both sugars, but of different chemical composition. crystalline fructose is created from cornstarch, it's basically fructose-enriched corn syrup.

Canned Reviewer said...

Well, I had no idea. Thanks for letting us know.



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