Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rip It Power Sugar Free

Remember the first Rip It Power review? I have a hunch that particular drink was old, which lent itself to the chalky taste. I'm hoping this one will taste somewhat better, being that it's fresh. True, it will taste slightly different than how the regular Power should've tasted, but it can't be that drastic. Now I will get to find out the true taste of the Rip It Power. I'm not really that excited about the fact that this one is sugar free. The Supplement Facts say 0g of sugar, but that's kind of like lying because there's, no doubt, some sort of nasty artificial sweetener in here, perhaps multiple. Oh, yes, there is Surcalose (Splenda) and Acesulfame Potassium. I recognize Acesulfame Potassium from being in many diet tea drinks, and Splenda is what always gave Chan stomachaches. We'll see how it goes.

Rip It has always pleased me and I've really enjoyed their stylish and simplistic can designs. This one gave off a sort of weak berry smell. The color, however, didn't match the smell, being a light, soft yellow. Immediately, I could tell it was artificially sweetened. It's that unnatural metallic aftertaste and that sourness that just doesn't match the addictiveness of real Sucrose and Glucose. I'm not quite sure what they meant it to taste like... Perhaps pineapple? I'm really unsure about the flavor. It's something tangy and either citrus or berry. It's almost devoid of flavor, just tasting sweet and sour, at different times. I'm the kind of person that feels obligated to always finish something, whether it be a drink or dish, but I'm finding it hard now to take another sip. The gumminess is still lingering from my first few sips and is really bothersome. My attempt to chug this thing was shut down right away by the fine, stinging carbonation, which feels like it's chemically burning the back of my tongue. A little more than halfway through, I am still completely clueless about the flavor. I'm not even sure if what I'm tasting is sweet; it's like a sweetness substitute, being close to sweet, but not the same. It's even upsetting my stomach. This drink's taste phails, big time. And I was so excited to try it...

The kick was standard of most energy drinks. The 2000mg total of Taurine and 200mg of Inositol did do something, but frankly, it doesn't compare to a Monster. The ingredients are pretty weak, with only 180mg of Caffeine total and 20mg of Guarana. It was fine that I felt a kick, but I'm not satisfied with the ingredients. They're just too tame and too little for me. And the artificial sweetners were pretty sickening. Sure, I was pretty fired up while I played with my dog, but overall, this drink is a phail. I'm not sure what else to say.

Taste: 3 - Yuck
Kick: 4 - Substandard
Overall: 3 - I'm not having it again

Reviewed by: Chan

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