Monday, March 24, 2008

Full Throttle Mother

Two drinks in one day, hurray! I am eager to find out what this Full Throttle has in stock for me today. First, the can design is the same kinda boring Full Throttle logo, with one exception: It mentions that "Nature is One Bad Mother." There is a green background and hmm...I noticed that this is a product of major brand Coca Cola. At the top of the can I noticed it mentioned that it has "Energy From Natural Sources" I guess that means it's organic. Well, I for one, want to find out what this product will give me. Shall we?

Hmm...Immediately, I smell an herbal tea-like taste. Who would have known? This product comes out of the can a dark amber color, similar to Monster. I am not too fond of the scent so far, but I haven't tried it yet. I have to keep sipping on it until I get the flavor. I cant quite put my finger on it...Okay, I think I've got it. As soon as it hits your mouth, you immediately get a minty taste, due to they herbs. I believe this drink could possible be made to give you a kick, not a great taste. I don't think this gives you any other flavor but mint. After awhile, the flavor just seems to fade away. No aftertaste or anything...I am pleased to report that there is minimal gumminess. You know what? This drink is not strong at all but has a not so pleasing flavor. However, I am not downgrading this drink because I am certain that this is NOT their best drink so far.

Okay, let's talk about the ingredients: The main ingredient is apple and pear juices from concentrate...interesting. Next, comes sucrose, an alternative to HFCS. After that, I see blueberry juice from concentrate. Put together, all these juices added into the drink cancels all its flavor out, welcoming in a minty flavor. Since this is an organic drink, I am not to suprised that this is free of taurine. Per can, you get 230 calories of good, organic energy. This is giving me a huge kick so far. I think you should know that this drink has 40% juice and is fully organic. That's all I have to say about this drink...

Taste: 8.5 - Most unique drink I've ever had, with a woody tea and acai taste
Kick: 7.5 - The Full Throttle kick

Overall: 8 - I think this is a must try, enough said.

Reviewed by: Chan

As Jeff puts it...

"As I perform my dramatic can-opening ritual, I get a blast of and herbal tea scent. Pretty enjoyable, and dare I say, almost soothing. The color of the drink must come from the rosy Acai berries. The carbonation is moderate, as in all Full Throttles. At the first sip, the flavor is slightly minty, branching out into a tea-berry flavor. Nice and pleasing, but not necessarily boring. And with minimal gumminess and no aftertaste. The sweetener itself is interesting and tastes good, that being Sucrose. I think I can taste the woodiness as if there were a whole twig mixed in the beverage. ...Makes me feel like I'm connecting with Mother Earth herself. I suggest this if you are interested in an organic, woody flavor in your beverage."

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