Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rockstar Zero Carb

As you might know, Rockstar isn't my favorite line of drinks out on the market. However, I haven't tried all of them. This time, I was given the Rockstar Zero Carb energy drink. I had this one mixed up with the Rockstar Sugar-Free. I hope this one doesn't end up being as painful as that one was. The can has a detailed blue diamond plating background with Rockstar's logo in front of it, a silver star. The star, which, if you recalled I mentioned in my last Rockstar review, is surrounded by the words "Bigger, Stronger, Faster." So I've said enough of the outside of the can, let's get inside...

As the lid opens, I smell a tea-like scent with a hint of some passion fruit, similar to the Full Throttle Mother. The drink comes into the cup a glassy, rosy red color. In other words, this drink is close to the color of cranberry juice. The whole thing is refreshing taste as it hits your mouth and goes down your throat. I can really taste the green tea extract in it as well as a bit of Yerba Mate tea leaf with a bit of apple-raspberry flavor to it. One thing about this drink is its aftertaste. You basically go from intense flavor, to almost nothing in just a few seconds. It seems most of the low carb or calorie drinks out there turn out that way, because of the fact that there's less sugar in them. I like that this is a particularly light drink because it doesn't have all the added glucose and sucrose to weigh it down. If you want to get more of a feel about how this drink tastes like, I can say that if you add the Lo-Carb Monster with the Full Throttle Mother, you get a sweet, natural taste that greets your mouth. After about 10 minutes, I'm noticing slight bitterness, but it doesn't stop me from drinking it. I also notice gumminess building up in the back of my mouth. It's bugging me a little because I had the impression that zero carb drinks don't contain much sugar to produce that much gumminess. This Rockstar contains quite a bit of carbonation, so I advise you not to chug it, or you will not be happy a few seconds later. It throws me off, however, because when I poured it into the cup, I didn't notice a lot of fizzing. Overall, if you are tired of all those artificial low carb/calorie energy drinks out there, head over to purchase this drink, you won't regret it.

This is going to be fun explaining these ingredients: first off, I see that Taurine comes in at number two, despite the fact that it only contains a standard dosage of 2,000mg. Next I notice "Natural Flavors," but who knows what Rockstar gets away with. After that, I see green tea extracts, which gave this drink its organic, sweet, tea-like taste. I then see Yerba Mate leaf extract, which along with the Green tea, imparted a tea-like taste to the beverage. extract deliver its tea-like flavor. One more thing in the ingredients list, sucralose, the killer. Sucralose is the true name for Splenda, a "not-so artificial" sweetener. I guess it isn't that noticeable in this drink, so that's pretty a good job done by Rockstar. Per can, you only get 20 calories and of course no table sugar or carbs as well as 2.54g of energy blend. All in all, this is one drink worth spending your money on, and in return, you get a low carb blend of natural tea and fruity flavors. It leaves me wondering: why isn't every other Rockstar this good?

Taste: 9.5 - Intense flavor, packs a punch
Kick: 9 - I am feeling a greatly noticeable amount of energy
Overall: 9.5 - Best Rockstar I've had so far

Reviewed by: Chan


jackbox said...

Rockstar Zero Carb is the ONLY energy drink I drink on a regular basis. I have actually tried every sugar free energy drink on the market (that I know of!) and this is the only one I actually LIKE to drink. It is a pretty big gap between something I can tolerate (Monster) and this stuff. I think there is a hidden flavor in here that lends a slightly chocolate overtone, and I think it is some derivative of acai, a flavor that is being groomed to be the next pomegranate.

Anonymous said...

This is possibly my favorite energy drink. I feel great after I drink this one, and I don't get the crash that you would normally get from other energy drinks that are loaded with sugar. I like the taste the most out of anything i've ever drank, and I am a huge fan of the Yerba Mate that's added in it. Overall, if you're thinking about trying this drink, definately give it a go because its a 10/10 in my book! :)

Anonymous said...

I go on a low card diet with Rock star sugar free. On the adkins diet you test for ketones in your urine. I have never been able to reach a purple stage on my ketostix! I think rock star sugar free is loaded with carbs, regardless of what they say on the side of the can. "zero sugar, zero carbs".


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