Friday, April 25, 2008

Jeff Gordon 24 Energy

Ha! I laughed when I saw this product at my local market. So, I knew I had to get it. Actually, I'd say 1 in 20 people out there know about this drink, pretty funny, and odd. As you might have noticed, just about every famous NASCAR driver, or almost every celebrity has their own energy drink nowadays. This drink, however, has the number 24 in large letters. I see a blue background, with orange unrealistic flames, under the phrase," High Octane Energy Supplement." I am so eager to try this drink, because I, personally, enjoy watching Jeff Gordon race, whenever it's on. I predict a strong tangerine taste, with a slight orange aftertaste, and maybe a hint of yerba mate, since I saw that it contains yerba mate. So, I'm done rambling, let's review!

After the dramatic can opening ritual, I am excited to get a sniff. The sweet aroma of tangerine the fills the whole room, and I'm pretty pleased. It comes out of the can a dark orange, after a whole lot of fizziness goes away. To me, this color sorta resembles the color of papaya, or cantaloupe. Hm, a lot different than I expected. This one will be tricky to explain, but I'll try my best. When I take a sip, I get a thick mix of orange, tangerine, sugar, lime, and a hint of lemon. When it first hit my tongue, I nearly threw my head back, as if all the flavors at once are fighting to be first. I can easily say that it has way too much sugar for my liking, but if you are a 'sugar' person, you would definitely like it. This drink is so thick, I'm actually afraid I might choke on it... Jeff Gordon 24 is really too heavily carbonated, so don't you dare try to chug this one. Honestly, I've had maybe 5 sips, and my mouth is backed up with gumminess, a really unique drink to me. Besides the carbonation and gumminess, this drink was pretty flavorful and quite tasty. Overall, if you do happen to come across this drink, you should maybe get it, I mean it's an interesting one, and it says "Limited Edition."

Lastly, we see the ingredients. First, I see carbonated water and High Fructose Corn Syrup. There's the culprit for the major gumminess, that HFCS, you can't escape it. Taurine comes in after citric acid, which is number three. I think the taurine is kicking in, or maybe it's just the sugar. Surprisingly, I see only natural flavor, I guess it's there, beyond all that sugar and carbonation. Ooh, I see yerba mate, in this Jeff Gordon mix; I forgot all about it, but it's hardly noticeable, anyway. Per can, you get 280 calories, which is way too overpowering for me. You also get 66 grams of sugar. Sigh, I feel full just drinking half the can already, it's all that sugar bringing me down. Like most other energy drinks out there, you get 2,000mg of taurine and 200mg of yerba mate seed, which is rarely found in drinks. I just think that this drink was too sugary and sweet, I wouldn't be doing any physical activity after this one.

Taste: 7.5 - The taste was good, the carbonation and gumminess threw me off, though
Kick: 8 - I feel a bit focused and pretty jittery
Overall: 7 - You really won't find anything special about this drink, it's mainly just a novelty

Reviewed by: Chan


matictronic said...

I have never EVER come across a blog or a website that writes reviews on soft drinks..awesome this one!!

Canned Reviewer said...

Thanks...check in daily for new reviews!


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