Friday, October 17, 2008

Ex Pure Energy

I'm pretty sure there are drinks out there I need that are literally walking distance from where I am sitting typing this up right now. Going to my every-day local grocery store and seeing some Ex freshly stocked on the shelves really surprised me. So, obviously, I needed to grab a can or two and review it instantly, and I got them. I've definitely heard of Ex Pure Energy before, and I thought I never would find it, but I did and I'm extremely excited to crack this compact can open. I know that Ex Pure Energy is canned and made in the UK, so I think that's pretty neat to finally review a genuine foreign energy drink. Another oddity on this can is the design; it's a multi-colored man with his mouth wide open, showing white teeth and a red tongue. His face and hair seem to have colors all over him like red, orange, silver, yellow, and black, but it looks mostly splotches and abstract. I see their motto at the bottom of the can "The Natural Alternative" which obviously means it's got natural sweeteners and flavors. In fact, on the back of the can, there's a phrase saying, "No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives." Awesome.

I know my expectations are a bit high for Ex, but I strongly believe in a good flavor, I'm going to find out now. As I open up the can, I get an indicated scent of simple Red Bull with a whole lot of sweet sugar and a side scent of lemon-lime and grapefruit. Pouring it out of the can, I see a color that looks most like just any average Red Bull, golden-caramel-yellow-orange. Before I take I'm going to be a plain and boring Red Bull Clone, just nothing special, this disappoints me. But, on the other hand, Kombucha has a distinct flavor, so maybe it'll be better quality. Taking a sip, I'm extremely satisfied, and surprised, of the flavor I found. It's mostly an overly sweet red apple and grape combination, which is what Kombucha tastes most like, but it seems to be saturated with too much sugar. Behind the sweet Kombucha flavor is a nice, smooth Red Bull flavor that compliments the slight sour prominent flavor. It has a gentle aftertaste of just pure sucrose with some light fruitiness the finish it off. Drinking only 8 ounces seems to be enough, as it makes me feel sugared-out after about 6 ounces. Taking the first few sips made me instantly think that this one is going in the books for the best taste, but I couldn't imagine me wanting another can, after topping this one off. On carbonation, it's light on the tongue and pretty pleasant. Gumminess is not an issue for Ex as there's not a trace of it, because it's got no artificial sweeteners, nor HFCS, just 'natural beet sugar'. Overall, I'd say you would enjoy Ex only for the 8 ounces in comes in, otherwise, it's just too sweet to drink again, in larger quantities.

In one 8 ounce can, I'm pleased to see only necessary energy and flavoring ingredients, and having very little ingredients in all. It's full list reads as following: carbonated water, natural beet sugar, natural flavor, citric acid, guarana, Kombucha, caffeine, and Vitamins B & C. Well, you may have notice the odd sweetener 'natural beet sugar, and it's actually some pretty good stuff. Basically, beet sugar comes from a vegetable called the sugar beet, which contains high concentrations of sucrose and is grown commercially for sugar. Another ingredient you may find odd or confusing is Kombucha. Kombucha is surprisingly an energy ingredient containing organic acids, probiotics, and enzymes and helps your body find its natural balance, which promotes overall health. Per can, you get 140 calories, and an insane 35g of sugar. Now, remember it's 8 ounces, but say it was 16, you'd get 70g of sugar and 280 calories, perhaps a new energy drink record for Canned Reviews. Coming back a few hours later, I'll determine the kick was sub-par. Well, being that it's only 8 ounces and has a mere 80mg of caffeine, I can't say the kick was all that great. All in all, Ex Pure Energy was about average, the kick being lame, tasting sweet throughout the can, and good only for a few ounces.

Taste: 7.6 - It's awesome upon the first few sips, but as you top it off, it's just too sweet
Kick: 7 - A lame kick, although it's only 8 ounces and has just 80mg of caffeine.
Overall: 7.3 - I'd advise you get one of these and experiment it; again, it's only 8 ounces

Reviewed by: Chan

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benneh said...

i hated this crap. it tasted like sour ketchup and smelled like gummy krabby patties.


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