Friday, April 30, 2010

Mountain Dew Typhoon

Mountain Dew is a soda I love for two reasons: for its intense lemon-lime-citrus flavor, and because it delivers a good punch of caffeine for a soda. True, it's not considered an energy drink, but I think Mountain Dew deserves a special place in every energy junkie's heart for its high caffeine content. Lucky for us, they've decided to have another DEWmocracy, a faceoff between three flavors chosen by fans through a seven step process. The three emerging flavors, that were chosen, named, and had labels designed by fans are: Distortion, Typhoon, and White Out. Chan's already reviewed the White Out, so it's my duty to take on the other two. So, first is the Typhoon. With a 'punch of tropical Dew" and its rosy reddish hue, punch is a very likely flavor. Knowing Dew, I'm confident this one's gonna be deliciously addicting.

Taking a whiff from the bottle, the first thing that strikes me is a sharply sweet pineapple aroma on top of those normal Mountain Dew undertones. I can also consciously smell some orange, and possibly some sweet strawberry. Typhoon offers that lovely Dew citrus alongside a pungent tropical punch that doesn't taste artificial. Chilled, the drink's mighty refreshing, and over ice, very tasty. Sometimes, it's a little tough to taste the Mountain Dew in it, but when it's flat, you will taste that legendary citrus. Overall, it's a top-notch concoction, though I will admit, drink it too fast, it's gonna taste pretty sweet. Over ice or drunk slowly, however, Typhoon will give you no trouble.

Mountain Dew drinkers would be familiar with Mountain Dew's kick, so it shouldn't be very difficult to describe. Mountain Dew does a good job of keeping you wired. Nothing fancy in these, just a straight shot of caffeine. Per serving, there's 30g of sugar, and 76 per bottle. That would explain why Mountain Dew is so very sweet. Well, having tried the White Out and Typhoon, so far my favorite has been the Typhoon. The Typhoon definitely has a stronger, more defined flavor, while the White Out seems to have a more subtle citrusy flavor. Right now, I would definitely be for the Typhoon, but I've still got to try the Distortion. I'm a huge fan of lime, and though it wouldn't seem like much contrast from the original Dew, I'm sure it'll just be a flavor explosion. I'm holding out until the Distortion to give my final opinion on which drink should become a permanent member of the Dew line.

Taste: 8.6 - Extremely tasty and addicting punch-citrus, as a Dew should be
Kick: 6.5 - It'll keep you wired the way sodas do
Overall: 8.3 - A very solid candidate for the new Dew

Reviewed by: Jeff

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