Monday, July 14, 2008

Jolt Blue Raspberry

I've had the opportunity to review this drink for a long time now, but something always comes up. I was originally panning to review this drink last week, but I found the Red Jak and couldn't resist. I then wanted to review it a few days ago, but I just didn't have the time. So today, I cleared part of my day and decided to review this drink, no exceptions. This is my first Jolt review, I'll also be reviewing the Jolt Ultra as well, expect that one to be good. Jolt makes their drinks in 16 ounces and 24 ounces, both sizes having their own line of drinks. For example, they have the Jolt Blue and the Jolt Blue Raspberry as well as the Jolt Cola and the Jolt Power Cola; odd but hey, energy drinks are energy drinks. This Jolt looks the same as all the other ones, 75% black and 25% the color of the drink, this one being blue for raspberry. You may say this drink looks the same as the Jolt Blue, but here's where you're wrong, it says 'Blue Raspberry' under 'Jolt', rather than 'Blue'. Jeff noted the blue raspberry taste in his Jolt Blue, so I'm expecting a better version of blue raspberry, deeper, more flavor, smoother. I've heard that this is a lot better than the Jolt Blue, I trust it is, but I want to find out right now if it is or not. Here it goes...

I peel off the plastic which comes off in one piece and twist off the cap. It makes a nice loud pop then revealing an irresistible pure blue raspberry aroma, almost to die for. The color is a plasma blue color, looking like crystal with just a little bit of fizziness. The taste is even better than the scent having an insane cotton candy and blue raspberry mix, reminding me of carnivals and Jolly Ranchers. As I take more sips, I start to notice a familiar flavor, Pop Rocks. I don't know why, but that neat Pop Rocks flavor just came to my head once I took a sip of the 24 ounce Behemoth, maybe because Pop Rocks make a deep blue raspberry flavor the same way Jolt Does. I haven't found my way through many blue raspberry energy drinks thus far, but as of now, this has to be my favorite blue raspberry energy drinks. However, the reality is, I know of many blue raspberry energy drinks I need to review, all having the potential to be better. Jolt isn't afraid to put a lot of carbonation in their energy drinks, that's why I'm downgrading Jolt Blue Raspberry. The carbonation in this drink seems to be heavy and delivers a burning sensation going down the throat, and just a bit going into the mouth. I have to say, for having HFCS, this Jolt allows no gumminess and actually has a crisp flavors, rather than a dull flavor, found in the Kronik and the BooKoo Berry, which if you recall separated those from the Best Taste List. Overall, the Jolt Blue Raspberry was one of the best HFCS energy drinks I've had in a long time, outtasting the Kronik, BooKoo Berry, and the Freek line. The one thing that bugged me was the amount of carbonation, thus separating it from the drinks on Best Taste List.

The ingredients list shows carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, taurine, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, sodium benzoate, caffeine, sodium citrate, gum arabic, Glycerol Ester of Wood Rosin, guarana, ginseng, and niacin. Jolt does a good job of masking the HFCS in this drink because it's a fairly fresh and sweet drink, not really a lot of dullness. A few ingredients over is Glycerol Ester of Wood Rosin, which helps Jolt rid the gumminess and rid the dullness caused by the HFCS. It's always great to have that when you see HFCS. Per 24 ounce can, you get 360 calories and 90 grams of sugar (You're better off splitting this guy with someone!). If it were 16 ounces, you'd get a fairly decent amount of sugar, more than a Monster, but not as much as the Jeff Gordon or the Max Velocity. The calorie count is also not bad, but just watch out, any more than 24 ounces can be dangerously bad for you, way too much sugar. The kick is pretty insane, having a lot of caffeine and guarana, although the amount is undisclosed. If a 16 ounce Jolt has 220mg of caffeine, how much does this one have? 330, incredible. The kick is massive, being a 24 ounce can, but not worthy of the Best Kick list, because it's 24 ounces, not 16. In general, I was very pleased with this energy drink, and I'm sure you will too, just be aware of your sugar intake and caffeine intake with this Blue Raspberry Behemoth.

Taste: 9 - I was amazed by the fresh Blue Raspberry flavor, and the lack of gumminess is really what will impress you
Kick: 9.2 - The kick is insane, being a 24 ounce can with a lot of sugar and caffeine, DO NOT drink if you are sensitive to caffeine. Fair warning.
Overall: 9.1 - I would buy it again, but now I know to split it with someone

Reviewed by: Chan

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