Friday, April 4, 2008


This part two of my double-header for today. This time, I got a 24 ounce can of Lost for only $1.00, another great buy, although I don't thoroughly trust consuming things from dollar stores. Anyways, I have never tried a Lost energy drink before, and I'm pretty curious and eager to try it. This can says 'Lost' in a large font, as well as a planet and the words ' Big Gun.' In the background, you see various random pictures making me laugh, including: sheep, surfers, Statue of Liberty, spirals, astronauts, skulls, girls, eagles, skaters, and weird quotes. This is by far, one of the weirdest looking can designs I've stumbled across... I know Monster helped ...Lost make an energy drink, and as you know, Lost is an apparel company, not an energy drink company. I guess that gives them the excuse in case it's a bad drink. Ever since I've heard of energy drinks, I've really wanted to try Lost, and now I have the can sitting in front of me, although it's probably not going to be amazing. Well, let's check it out and determine whether or not it is.

As I pop open the can, I smell an aroma similar to the Monster. It comes out of the can a greenish-golden color, or amber another similarity to Monster. This drink tastes almost exactly like the Monster, what a surprise. If you've never tried a Monster before, I'll try my best and explain the taste. As soon as it hits your mouth, you get a green refreshing apple-raspberry flavor, with a bit of mixed in grape and a bit of citrus. The only difference from the Monster is the sweetness. Monster, after awhile, gets a little boring, and slightly bitter. This, however, has a pungent taste that doesn't get old after a few sips, in other words, it's real crisp. I like that this drink has no gumminess and about average carbonation, that right there shows you that an energy drink is good. You might not want to chug this because, like most energy drinks, you may get a minor pain in your stomach, nothing major, but sometimes a nuisance. Another note, don't drink energy drinks after you have eaten a meal because it'll just give you more stomach pain. As for this drink, I enjoy its refreshing flavor and will give you a decent kick that will leave a smile on your face. Overall, this is just another Monster type drink, mainstream, basic, you know, but also really tasty and delectable.

Let's talk ingredients now. These ingredients are almost exactly the same as the Monster. First, carbonated water. Then we have sucrose and glucose, a better sweetener than HFCS. Next I see citric acid and natural and ARTIFICIAL flavors. That disappoints me, I thought energy drinks were supposed to be good, not artificial. However, like the Monster, taurine comes in at number 4. Per can, you get 300 calories and 3,000 mg of taurine, (REMEMBER, 24 ounces, don't freak out). I don't enjoy drinking energy drinks with too many calories and sugar and what not because when I'm not reviewing, I stick to the Lo-Carb Monsters and Zero Carb Rockstars, but it's up to you whether to drink 24 ounces of Lost or not. I liked this drink, it sweet and pungent, but it was pretty basic, much like the Monster and not like the Rockstar. Whether you stick with the Monster or Lost, you'll get the same amazing taste, no disappointment.

Taste: 8 - It was pretty flavorful and really tasty
Kick: 8.5 - All Monster-like drinks will give you a good kick
Overall: 8 - Your every day energy drink, not bad though

Reviewed by: Chan

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