Thursday, April 10, 2008

Best Kick

The following list is a group of energy drinks sure to keep you wired all night long. They may have an excellent amount of caffeine, sugar, taurine, ginkgo biloba, and/or guarana that'll want you to keep buying more and more.



Jack Herer 420 Hemp Energy Infusion


Monster (All Flavors)

Rockstar Roasted Mocha

Rockstar Roasted Latte


Molotov said...

In my oppinion Joker and Joker lo-carb should be on that list. I will soon reach the 50 brands tested, Nothing has beaten Joker yet.

Big Bird said...

Unlike your best taste list I must agree with this and your inclusion of Cocaine. Honestly Cocaine gives me more of a buzz than a BFC size of Monster like the regular kind or even Heavy Metal.

Granny K said...

wow...what a great list and great site. I have just begun my energy sojourn, and tripped into Rockstar Light Vanilla Coffee by accident, after first trying another type of Rockstar that made me throw-up. I was about to give up without ever trying another, but lucked into the Rockstar coffee thing. I wondered what else might be out there, and now have a starting point. Thankee, thankee.

Anonymous said...

Why is Spike Shooter not on this list?


Jeffery "Jeff," Chandler "Chan"