Monday, March 24, 2008

Monster Khaos

Hurray, third Monster of the week! This time, I chose the Monster Khaos, to compare to the M-80. It too is a fruity drink, but along with pineapple, this baby has juices from apple, orange, pear, peach, tangerine, and white grape. It sounds delicious, but let's see if it is:

Wow, as I busted this one open, I immediately saw some nice foamy vapor. The Khaos is not as aromatic as the M-80, I can tell, but I notice the smell is much more rounded, smelling of all the juices found in this drink. The color is a light, almost creamy orange with a little cloudyness and smelling strongly of white grape and some orange. As for the flavor, there's a more subtle blend of juices than the M-80, starting out with grape, then transitioning to orange and tangerine. Along this mini rollercoaster ride of taste you get some peach and apple thown at you. By the end, and in small doses, there lingers a small sour and bitter aftertaste, but not one hard to overcome. However, I've noticed a moderate gumminess slowing me down with larger sips. This one is a little less delicate than the pineapple M-80 and henceforth is easier to chug, which I'm doing now.

Now like every Monster, the energy ingredients are there, almost immediately giving you a boost and making you more aware. 2500mg of the Monster Energy Blend is in one 8oz serving, meaning you get 5 whole grams of Glucose, Caffeine, Guarana, and all that good stuff, in a blend. Decent drink, but not one of Monster's best, I'd have to say. To my dismay, I have a stomach ache after drinking it.

Taste: 6.5 - This Monster's taste did not much appeal to me and I was left with some bad gumminess
Kick: 6.7 - The kick here was hardly noticable, but I'd say that it could be my fault for not noticing it

Overall: 6.7

Reviewed by: Jeff


Anonymous said...

Wow this reveiw is shit! i love Khaos!!!!!

Anonymous said...

actually khaos is in my opinion monsters only failure. it sux


Jeffery "Jeff," Chandler "Chan"