Thursday, July 3, 2008

Full Throttle Coffee Caramel

What do you know, I have the few day old Full Throttle Coffee line of energy drinks. I haven't even seen this drink on any website, nor any store except Valley Produce. I knew that I had to get all three flavors and review them as fast as I can, before any other energy drink fan had the chance to try it before me. Full Throttle came out with three new flavors, mocha, vanilla, and and odd caramel, only a few days ago. Full Throttle has a nice cork-like background, with smooth caramel color to it as well as it's trademark cartoonish decal logo. I can tell that this drink will be pretty amazing due to the fact that it contains 100% Columbian Arabica coffee beans, found in no other energy drink coffee. However, I know it will be insanely sweet because it has 43g per 15 ounces, and it's sweetened with sugar, or a blanket term for a lot of sugars such as: fructose, sucrose, lactose. I cannot wait to see what this 15oz coffee blend has in store for me.

I was ecstatic when I opened up the can and found a smooth caramel aroma with a nice blend of regular coffee and a bit of sweet vanilla. This Full Throttle Coffee is a lot darker than other coffee energy drinks having a darker brown color, rather than tan. Full Throttle Caramel has a delightful irresistible caramel taste as well as a pure natural coffee taste and a slight taste of vanilla, hardly noticeable. One of the best coffee flavors since the I reviewed the Java Monsters, perhaps even better than some Java Monsters. Its aftertaste is just that of a regular black coffee, but without the bitterness. It's very appetizing and, surprisingly, I'm already finished with the can. I guess that shows that this is one heck of a drink to try. Honestly, Full Throttle Caramel is another one of those energy drinks were I just want to walk away from the review and just enjoy the drink. It's definitely not as sweet as I had predicted it to be, which is good because we all know how too much sugar can ruin a drink. With sugar Full Throttle isn't gummy at all, and I can really savor the rich caramel after not taking a sip for a while. If you happen to find these around you, you must grab one off the shelf or trust me, you will regret it later on.

As for ingredients, Full Throttle Caramel has coffee, skim milk, sugar, cream, natural flavors, cellulose gel, taurine, sodium bicarbonate, ginseng, caramel color, carrageenan, caffeine and guarana. Per can, you get a higher than average 250 calories and 45g of sugar, but it's worth it. If I were really weight conscious, I would skip this drink for sure, but since this is for the sake of Canned Reviews, I must have it. The caffeine content is a weak 126mg, resulting in a buzz lasting for about 2 hours, then a slight crash. You also get a disappointing 1123mg of taurine and a sad 1.3mg of guarana, but a nice 167mg of ginseng. All in all, if you dislike a strong coffee, and like a sweet caramel coffee, this one is perfect for you. If you're someone, however, who prefers non-sweetened or lightly sweetened coffees, you probably won't like this.

Note: Expect some stomach pain if you decide to run off the energy, or any other physical activities

Taste: 8.3 - An insane caramel coffee, the later on stomach ache brought this one down, though
Kick: 8.6 - An above average kick, lasting for a few hours (Or in my case, hanging out at the park watching fireworks)
Overall: 8.4 - I would definitely buy this one again, but let's see if the other Full Throttle Coffees can outperform

Reviewed by: Chan

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