Saturday, March 29, 2008

Monster Java Nut Up

In my hands I hold the Monster Java Nut Up, one of the many newly released coffee Monster energy drinks. I am really looking forward to this one because of its supposedly nutty taste. The only thing that makes me really wonder whether or not this drink really differentiates from the other Javas is the blurb on the side of the can. It's the exact same blurb from the Mean Bean, and mentions nothing to do with nuts. Anyway, here I go, tearing into another drink.

The can's artwork is really very beautiful, I think, with the dark brown woodgrain and the carved-in "M." Thank the graphic artists at Monster for this magnificent design. When I pop open the can, I get an intense nutty and coffee smell rushing towards me. I might've been wrong when I suspected this was just like the Mean Bean. The color is the same light, creamy brown in all of the other Java Monsters. Going for a sip, I get an incredibly creamy and satisfying coffee with a significant nuttiness, I must admit. Monster did this one right, that's for sure. I can't resist the smooth , creamy, and nutty elixir coming out of this can. Honestly, this is probably the best drink I've ever had. It's much smoother than the Rockstar Roasted Mocha, I'm guessing because Monster goes for Arabica beans instead of the bitter and rougher Robusta beans, which are much cheaper. And that would make sense; there is absolutely no bitterness in the drink, which makes is so easy to drink. A non-coffee drinker, like myself, could fall in love with the drink, having never enjoyed coffee itself. Monster just does it so well. I'm glad I got the fancy glass cup, or there would probably be nothing left. I am extremely satisfied with this drink; there is no carbonation, no gumminess, no bitterness, no artificial sweeteners. Just a magnificently crafted drink with a zingy nut aftertaste as the finish.

Now, I expected from the start that the ingredients would be up to standards, and they are, with the regular dose of 2000mg of Taurine per can and a whopping 5000mg of the trademarked Monster Energy Blend, consisting of L-Carnitine, Glucose, Caffeine, Guarana, Inositol, Glucuronoloactone, and Maltodextrin; all the good stuff. It don't got Ginkgo Biloba, like the Rockstar Roasted's, which I admit was a nice addition, but I can safely say I feel pretty focused anyway. Along with the energy ingredients, there's Sucrose and Glucose acting as natural sweeteners and all of the vitamins you'd expect, but more. I'm feeling a good zing and an awakening from the drink, and I was expecting no less from a Monster.

* I picked up the can to test my jitteryness, and I laughed, seeing my hand jerk around randomly. Ha!

** Oh, I forgot to mention that there are only 100 calories per serving in this drink. I'm not kidding! And only 16g of sugar! Compare that to the Amp's 29 grams. That is just amazing, if you ask me.

Taste: 9 - You can't beat that perfect coffee-nut flavor
Kick: 8 - I got a solid kick, and I don't know if I'll get to sleep tonight
Overall: 9.5 - A must-have drink, no matter who you are

Reviewed by: Jeff

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