Tuesday, July 8, 2008

BooKoo Jugo

I don't know why I had so much trouble finding our final BooKoo energy drink, we found all the other ones in only one place, why should this one be located in another? Well, the answer to that is I don't care, I finally have the BooKoo Jugo in my hands. I was a bit curious when I saw the word 'Jugo', but I then found out that Jugo means juice in Spanish, hence the 99% juice promise on the can. I'd have to say I like this can design the most out of all the other BooKoo's having a wavy tiger-like set of stripes, with a lighter color orange behind it. BooKoo is then printed the same way it is on all the other cans, vertically and in big font. It's supported by orange flames outlined and tipped by a black color that compliments the juice-orange color. If I hadn't known what flavor this drink is going to give me, I might've guessed an improved BooKoo Citrus orange flavor, but by the multiple ways of saying this is just juice. Let's see, Jugo, Energy Juice, 99% Juice, yeah, I think I get it. I'm hoping for a flavor like the M-80, you know, pineapple, orange, tangerine, nearly worthy of the Best Taste List. Okay, I'm about ready to open this juiced energy drink up!

To my delight, the juice aroma that instantly came out of the tab was a different kind of juice, plenty different than the Rockstar Juiced, or the M-80. There's more of a tropical fruity presence, like papaya, white grape, guava, orange, and passionfruit. The fruit energy drink gives a color like the Sobe Essential Energy, a translucent orange color, like a creamsicle, with a foamy head that probably insists a lot of carbonation heading my way. The taste is about the same as the scent, an in-your-face white grape flavor, tagging up with a passionfruit, and later on, a smooth guava flavor. The papaya comes in a bit later, towards the aftertaste and nicely closing up the show, and leaving the audience shouting "Encore!" I'm going to have to say that this is the Best BooKoo thus far, the only possible one that could beat it is the BooKoo Citrus, which I'm yet to try. Every juice drink I've reviewed isn't that carbonated, but the BooKoo Jugo decided to go with the carbonation, not an excellent choice to make, although some energy drinkers may not be concerned. More and more sips draw me away due to the really carbonated part of the drink, perhaps one of the most carbonated I've reviewed thus far. Because it's 99% juice, I wasn't expecting much gumminess, and actually there isn't any gumminess at all. Overall, an insane tropical blend of fruits, beating most juice energy drinks, but no match compared to the M-80, the God of all juices.

I'm pretty curious to see what ingredients this Jugo has. I see a usual carbonated water, juice blend (White grape, passionfruit, guava, orange, and papaya from concentrate), citric acid, caffeine, inositol, natural flavors, and glucuronolactone. It also has some energy ingredients like
Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, Vitamins (B6, B12), folate, calcium, sodium, and taurine (2000mgs). Per can you get only 180 calories, most of it coming from the fruit, and 40g of sugar, all of it coming from the fruit. It's a semi low carb drink, but if you're on a low carb diet, I'd think it's okay to drink because all the carbs are coming from the fruit, being good needed carbohydrates for the human body. I was nearly dead tired this evening and with this drink, I'm awake and ready to go, a great part, for BooKoo. I also wanted to point out, don't be afraid of the 99% juice label, it's not strong, trust me, you will enjoy every sip of it, just be ready for an awesome buzz shortly following. If you're not one for crashes, you may want to stay away from this drink, and head for one of those puny 6 Hour Energy Shots, although you won't get the full experiance of enjoying an all-natural fruit drink. All in all, BooKoo's first wow coming from me, and Jeff as well, and probably the best BooKoo you'll find out there.

Taste: 8.4 - You'll love it's all natural fruity tropical blend
Kick: 8.6 - The kick is good, just like all the BooKoos
Overall: 8.5 - The drink went fast, meaning it's good, but the carbonated brought down the rating significantly

Reviewed by: Chan

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