Monday, April 5, 2010

Amp Energy Juice Orange

Do you recognize the delightful taste of Amp? How about orange juice? Well, if you combine together, you get Amp Energy Juice Orange. Today, I'm here reviewing an energy drink much anticipated by myself. I've never seen an energy drink that's dedicated to skipping out on coffee in morning, and combines their original formula with a real orange flavor, like this one. You do see Monster M-80, which is orange, lemon, lime, etc. and Monster Chaos, for example, but the main difference between that and this juice is that Monster uses "natural flavors", while the Juice is goes into more detailed by using orange juice and white grape juice concentrate. Amp suggests skipping out on you're cup of joe, and downing a 12 ounce bottle of this energized juice. So, this morning, that's exactly what I did. Being the usually groggy and caffeine-deprived person I am, I'm just about to break this bottle open and down it. Before I do that, however, I'm gonna examine the bottle in further detail. Looking at the front of the bottle, there's Amp's logo "A" in orange, in front of an orange background as well. At the top, I see "100% Juice", which will determine the difference between any average orange-flavored energy drink, and this one. My prediction will be a basic pulpy orange juice flavor, with a bit of Amp's original mix. Let's find out.

Giving the small bottle a thorough shake, I open up the wide, orange cap. Immediately, an odd, yet pure and pungent aroma filled the area. It reminded me most of the Awake Orange. The color is exactly like the color of orange juice, though just a bit darker, I think. Taking my first sip, I was thrown off by the flavor, which is best described as your every day orange juice, with slightly more bitterness from the vitamins, caffeine, and other energy supplements. Its flavor is subtle, as it fades quickly into a near revolting aftertaste of vitamins, but again, best just described as bitterness. About halfway finished with the 12 ounce bottle, I find the taste more smooth, like Tropicana, as if much of the bitterness has disappeared. Because it's not carbonated, it goes down easy, once you get past the noticeable gumminess from some of the fruit concentrates. I wanted to say that Amp did a fantastic job creating an orange drink that has very little added sugar, and for the most part is 100% juice. Overall, Amp Energy Juice is not only tasty, but is refreshing as well on another warm day, just as summer approaches.

Per bottle of Amp, you get a whopping 190 calories and about 41 grams of sugar. On average, an energy drink will have 200-220 calories per can, but that's in a complete 16 ounce can, not 12 such as this bottle. On a more optimistic side, however, you get 100% of your daily amount of Vitamin C, 150% of niacin, Vitamin B6, B12, and pantothenic acid. In a complete bottle, Amp packs in a vast amount of ingredients such as: orange juice, white grape juice, citric acid, taurine, guarana seed extract, caffeine, ascorbic acid, gum arabiv, natural and artificial flavor, niacin, calcium pantothenate, modified food starch, panax ginseng, sucrose acetate isobutyrate, Vitamin E acetate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, and cyanocobalamin. Most of these ingredients come standard in energy drinks, with the exception of the three fruit juices. Well, when it came down to the kick, I had to admit, I was disappointed. It acted almost like a coffee: it wakes you up, gets you through a few hours, and leaves you with a mean crash. Of course proportionally, the amount of caffeine per 12 ounce bottle is set, but if you're looking for a great kick, I hate to disappoint you. After it all, I was satisfied with the smooth orange juice-like flavor, and somewhat grateful for the kick to follow.

Taste: 7.5 - Good orange juice take, though somewhat bitter from all the energy ingredients
Kick: 7 - Generic coffee/energy drink jitteriness
Overall: 7.3 - Give it a shot; maybe you'll prefer it over your morning routine of coffee

Reviewed by: Chan

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