Monday, March 24, 2008

Monster Lo-Carb

Monster debuted two different energy drinks in 2002, one being the Monster Lo-Carb, which I'm reviewing now. I would first like to mention how this Monster Lo-Carb has 10% of the calories of the regular Monster, yet it has an awesome taste. This can has a scribed ragged blue "M" here, instead of the regular Monster green. The background, as in many Monsters, is just a plain and simple black. I love how Monster designs their cans; just a basic 'M' and a black background, it fascinates me. Back before Canned Reviews started, I would drink these Lo-Carb Monster every day, and stayed away from the regular Monsters, because I loved it's flavor. Honestly, Monster did a good job making a low carb drink, perhaps it's better than the regular Monster. Opening up a can of Lo-Carb Monster will be the same thing, but it's just a matter of analysing it's flavor. So, are we ready to review?

At the opening of the can, I immediately witnessed a tame multi-fruit cinnamon aromal. Perhaps, it's some citrus, apple, grape, and a bit of raspberry. The fluid inside of the can came out an amber color, like pear juice and the same color as the regular Monster. Well, it's like a light, crystal orange with a hint of yellow. Now, the taste is almost the same as the regular Monster: a little bit of raspberry and apple, and a strong flavor of grape and citrus, way lighter than the original. I enjoy the fact that the stuff's not too sweet, like an energy drink shouldn't be, although it's sweetened artificially. This drink should go down pretty fast. only because it's flavor really ranks up there, and doesn't get boring mid-can, like some energy drinks do. I do see a noticeably larger amount of carbonation, more than other energy drinks I've had, but still, I let it bubble away. It's not gummy at all due to the fact that this Lo-Carb Monster is high fructose corn syrup free, but it does have sucralose, a nasty artificial sweetener known as Splenda. Overall, an insane drink, much better than most Monsters and Rockstars out there, don't miss out.

As for ingredients, Monster Lo-Carb has carbonated water, glucose, citric acid, ginseng, guarana, B vitamins, caffeine, taurine, sucralose, and some other basic ingredients. Since you saw that I didn't mention HFCS, you should know that this drink is free of that dull stuff. like all Monsters. Instead, you get glucose, a better sweetener, otherwise known as just sugar. Taurine comes in at #5, like every Monster, and most Rockstars. Per can, you get 2000mg of taurine, added into 5000mg of energy blend, after guarana, ginseng, and caffeine is added as well. I'm delighted to note that this only has 3g of sugar and only 20 calories. After a can of this Monster, I'm brought back to the times of not even looking at a regular Monster for days, I really did not want to waste my calories on a can of death trap. If you were smart, you know right away which drink to choose, no more wasting time deciding which low carb energy drink to get. For all you health conscious consumers, this drink is definitely for you.

Taste: 8.6 - A light blend of fruits really put this drink where it should be
Kick: 8 - I was pleased to get an awesome get, thanks to the caffeine and guarana
Overall: 8.5 - I never miss out on of these beasts when I get the chance to purchase one

Reviewed by: Chan

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