Saturday, May 3, 2008

Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt Asian Experience

Steven Seagal, actor, writer, director, producer, etc, etc... I suppose decided to create his own brand of energy drink. He calls it Steven Seagal Lightning Bolt. I've heard that this drink is totally natural and has some really great ingredients. I'd say, in fact, that it could be my dream drink. It's got Yerba Mate, Ginkgo Biloba, for focus, and Green Tea. Also, the drink makes the claim of containing Cordyceps, some sort of fungus that the effects of I am uncertain. It seems like my kind of drink, being organic and full of natural ingredients. Now, I'm wondering about the flavor. I'm supposing it'll be blue, but I'm not quite sure just what kind of Asian fruit is blue, or how the two have a correlation. I guess I'll find out. Perhaps it is Goji Berry.

The smell threw me back. That is a strong molasses smell. Or what smells like molasses. The taste is like molasses with some very noticeable Green Tea and Yerba Mate. The color is a soft yellowy-orange, and it's truly lightly carbonated, something I like to see in a drink. All of the exotic and unusual flavors meld together into a unique, and very odd beverage. I want to keep on taking sips to further explore the flavor. Now that I think about it, it actually tastes saltier than sweet. Perhaps the reason for that is the organic evaporated cane juice, which I have a hunch is related to molasses, because it is unrefined. It's a good thing that there's little carbonation and absolutely no gumminess. Not even that feeling of acid eating away at your teeth's enamel. I think it's interesting, but not particularly tasty. I would be disappointed if I weren't expecting an incredible boost.

That was a solid kick. Unlike many drinks, I was focused, and felt overall pretty good. It didn't give me a stomach ache, nor did it make me jittery. The unlisted amount of Ginkgo Biloba is what got me so focused. And the Yerba Mate and Green Tea had to be good for me. But what of the Cordyceps? It's a genus of fungus that is a parasite on insects and other fungi. From what I've read, it lowers cholesterol and increases blood flow and vitality. Not what I'm used to seeing in an energy drink, but I guess it's a nice addition. It's not a drink you have for the taste, but rather, for the kick.

Taste: 4 - A salty energy drink... Not my thing
Kick: 8 - Liked the ingredients, and got a good kick
Overall: 6 - Unique

Reviewed by: Jeff

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