Monday, March 31, 2008

BooKoo Zero Carb

This drink is likely not found anywhere in your local store, but I found it in the way back cooler shelf, all by itself, at my local market.The last review by me this moth, aside from the Monster Chai Hai, will be the Bookoo Zero Carb. I have heard praise for the Bookoo by many energy drink fans nationally. However, I have also heard that Bookoo has stopped making this particular energy drink for a few years now. I dont know about you, but this-I dont want to say scared- mabye worried about trying this drink. This can consists of a large yellow font 'Bookoo' all along the front side of the can. Around the logo, you see orange tribal flame design which goes well with the black background. Above the logo, I notice the words "Zero Carb"; and below the logo, I see the spread out words, ENERGY. After much thought, I am somewhat excited to dig into this 24 ounce behemoth.

As I pop open the lid, I smell a strong lemon-lime scent with a hint of orange and citrus. As it hits the glass, this Bookoo is clear with a slight brown tint. This drink taste similar to a Propel, expect with a lot of carbonation. At first, you get a powerful punch of lime and orange, then fades to sort of a citrus flavor, and then to nothing. However, if you take small sips, you taste a sweeter, almost sugary type taste to it. This has so much carbonation, that by the time you have about 5 ounces, you find it too hard to take large sips and/or 'chug' it. Just so you know, there is no way possible that any human can chug 3 or more ounces of this crazy mix. I would also like the mention the amount of gumminess, simply intense. This is the kind of drink that you want to keep coming back for more until there's none left and you freak out.The taste almost exactly resembles that of a Diet Mountain Dew, with a hint of orange. I can honestly say that this one drink you want to eventually try in your lifetime because there is no words to describe the intensity of this drink. I can't sit still or even type correctly so I recommend you try this drink before a hike or light exercise. Overall, even though you might not be able to find this drink on the market, Bookoo Zero Carb packs an intense kick and different flavor than your usual Monster, Rockstar, or Amp.

It can be fun sometimes to look at the ingredients of low carb/calorie energy drinks, because you never know what you will find. This time, I found sucralose, an alternate name of Splenda. Taurine, surprisingly, comes in at number 8, being that I am totally hyper with this drink. Another surprise, this drink has no calories, whatsoever. I'm sorry this is so short, but I can't think straight due to this drink's power and energy, mabye something else, but I'm pretty sure it's the kick. Unlike, a lot of other drinks, this will not give you a possibly painful stomach ache. As of right now, I feel like jump and down and run wildy along the floor for 3 hours. If you want something that'll grab you by the horns and won't let go untill you fall down on the ground and shout mercy, this drink is perfect for you.

Taste: 8.5 - It had an intense flavor, but the gumminess and the carbonation threw me off
Kick: 9.2 - You should know how insane the kick is by now...
Overall: 8.8 - It was pretty good, in my terms

Reviewed by: Chan

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