Wednesday, April 30, 2008

FRS Low Calorie Peach Mango

Okay, so I caved. But I couldn't resist. I just had to pop this baby open, the FRS Low Calorie Antioxidant Health Drink Peach Mango. Whew! With such a long name, this drink must have some special properties. I'm thinking it may re-vitalize rather than energize my body. The thought of peach-mango makes my mouth water, yet, I'm a bit concerned over what the sweetener may be. I looked at the back and saw surcalose, better known as Splenda. It seems to be the sole sweetener, but I'm not completely sure, considering there is a multitude of other ingredients I'm not familiar with. I'll see what they are along the way.

Oh, the smell is delightful. I smell the peach and mango emerging as one, and there's a definite sourness to it. It's not quite as sweet and artificial as I thought it would be. It's not carbonated, and brings very little gumminess, which is good. There's a very mild sweetness that's noticably artificial, as Splenda is, and it blends into the flavor of the mango a bit, being close to earthy tasting. The peach doesn't have much presence, but leads on to the also subtle mango. Energy Guru was right about this drink; it doesn't taste very natural, and has a strong vitamin taste. I was dumb to pour it out into a cup... Dang. This thing is getting thicker and more vitaminy by the second. Oh, man. Not great on taste, but it's necessary to ingest the stuff in order to feel the effects, obviously.

Now, this is a Low Calorie drink, and it's to be expected that there are less calories, less sugar, and some kind of artificial sweetener. Well, we already know that the sweetner is Splenda, and there are 5g of sugar per can. I'm quite sure that's the least per can I've ever seen in an energy drink. As for those weird ingredients I was referring to earlier, they are Quercetin, Locust Bean Gum, and Catechins. It is stated that Catechins come from the Green Tea extract, and I've found out that they help prevent the "big four:" stroke, heart failure, cancer and diabetes. They also may act as antibiotics. Quercetin, I also learned, is anti-inflammatory. And as for Locust Bean Gum, that one's been put in to simply thicken the drink; it is a thickening agent. The ingredients sure are non-standard; there's no Taurine, Caffeine, Guarana, Inositol, Glucuronolactone, or Ginseng anywhere to be found. There are lots of vitamins, like other drinks, but I doubt this will do any more than make me feel more aware and just plain healthy.

Taste: 4.5 - Not the tastiest drink
Kick: 4.5 - So I'm feeling vitalized...
Overall: 5 - I guess it wasn't marketed as an energy drink

Reviewed by: Jeff

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