Thursday, April 10, 2008

Best Taste

The following list is group of quality energy drinks, made with care and highly recommended. Not only are they worthy of the best taste, but have no artificial aftertaste, little to no gumminess, and/or light carbonation.

CRUNK!!! Citrus

Full Throttle Coffee Mocha

Monster Java Chai Hai

Full Throttle Blue Demon

Monster M-80

Red Bull Simply Cola

Red Jak

Rip It A'tomic Pom

Rockstar Zero Carb


Anonymous said...

What about monster mean bean?

Canned Reviewer said...

Well, we may sum that up by simply including all the Monster Javas. Honestly, I've gotta say, I think they were all delicious.


misszipper said...

Doesn't anyone like the liquid Zip Fizz? It is not even on the list~! They need more flavors but they taste pretty darn good. The powder Zip Fizz... not so good!

Big Bird said...

I hate to bash but honestly I have to here.

To start with having Crunk Citrus on a best taste page doesn't get you very far in my book. Full Throttle Blue Demon upgrades you to boycott status and that's backed by your inclusion of Red Bull Simply Cola and Rockstar Zero Carb.

At least you don't have 24:7 Cherry Berry or Hype on here but still this list needs a serious revision before I'll agree with it.

Leo said...

Red Bull Cola is not an energy drink. It has a caffeine content comparable to mountain dew, or 45 mg for a 12 oz can. I got this info from Red Bull's Cheryl Drew, whose email had no less than 3 exclamation points.

Canned Reviewer said...

Big Bird...

This list is in fact opinionated. Jeff and I decide which drinks we felt necessary to be on the list. We give unbiased reviews to our viewers, and believe these drinks would be favored by us.


Jeffery "Jeff," Chandler "Chan"