Friday, March 28, 2008

Monster Java Mean Bean

We are getting close to having reviewed all of the Monster Javas here on Canned Reviews. This time around, I purchased the Mean Bean without hesitation. I had recently tried this coffee about a month ago and really enjoyed it. This can has a light brown wooden background with its stained brown Monster logo in front of it. The font to this energy coffee seems to have been carved in with a sharp object, like all Monster Javas are. If you have ever noticed, the Java Monster can designs all look similar except for the background which are different shades of brown. So far, every Java has really convinced me that they can pack a powerful punch and and an incredible flavor. So, without further ado, let's review this beast.

As soon as the lid is popped, I smell an intense, chocolaty aroma that fills the whole room. As I pour the milky coffee into the cup, I notice a thick, dark brown color with some light areas in it. So far, I am very happy with this drink, now comes the taste test. I am very impressed... I taste a sweet coffee and cream mix with a hint of chocolate. After about 5 ounces into this drink, I notice the cream has taken over the drink. This coffee is creamy and incredibly sweet which goes down really smooth. There is no aftertaste whatsoever as well as no gumminess, so you will most likely find this drink easy to swallow and enjoy. The thing with the Javas is you should not chug them because, like me, you will get a major stomach and possible head ache. Overall, if you want a drink that'll get you through the part of day you drink this in with no bitter aftertaste and you want a sweet, creamy coffee, this is definitely your drink.

Okay last but not least, the ingredients: as you know, this drink contains filtered water and reduced fat milk, like all other Javas. Surprisingly, taurine comes in at number 5, different than other Monster products. Next, I see sucrose and glucose, added sweeteners in most energy drinks around. I love the energy drinks that contain guarana seed extract because it is a natural ingredient added in the drink. Per can, you get 200 calories and only 32g of sugar, pretty low. You also get 2,000mg of taurine, a standard dosage in most energy drinks as well as 5,000mg of energy blend. I really enjoyed this drink, by far the best Java Monster out so far. I highly recommend you purchase this drink and you will enjoy it, trust me.

Taste: 9 - Always a pure, sweet, and robust combination makes this drink just right...
Kick: 8 - A great burst of energy you'll find in just about every monster
Overall: 9 - Definitely ranks up there with most of the other Monsters

Reviewed by: Chan

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